What tights to wear with a burgundy dress

The color of the dress often indicates the nature of the woman, her preferences and thoughts. Psychologists say that burgundy color products are usually chosen by women energetic and strong-willed. But to choose a dress to the image is only half the battle. It is important to correctly choose tights that will look harmonious and give even more confidence to the owner of a fashionable wardrobe.

How to choose tights

Putting on a burgundy dress, you need to take into account and make the right choice of tights that are perfect for the chosen image. Stylists give some tips for choosing the right piece of clothing.

  • If the shoes are dark, it is better to wear light tights . So the image will be harmonious.
  • Dark stockings with black shoes are allowed . However, in this case, you will have to maintain the dark bottom of the selected bow with accessories in tone.
  • Light shoes are combined only with corporal nylon. Use black stockings in this case is considered bad manners.
  • Black tights are used with a long dress below the knees. They should not be too dense.
  • Smoky, bronze and tobacco - winning options for a dress in Bordeaux. They should only be worn with dark shoes.

Important! The density of tights is chosen based on the material of the dress and the event where you want to wear the selected outfit. For example, exclusively thin stockings are suitable for an evening look.

Tights for burgundy dress

Today, the choice of tights is diverse, there are various options for classic shades, black, white, flesh. A large number of non-standard shades are also on sale, which can also be combined well with a burgundy outfit .

How to wear light tights with a burgundy dress

The best option for combining with a similar outfit would be bodily tights . They always advantageously emphasize the image. And also allow a woman to look as confident as possible and elegant.

It is better to choose models of stockings that are precisely combined in color with a skin tone, without additional decorative details and ornaments.

The image should be thought out to the smallest detail, and each element should be a continuation of the other.

For evening wear only stockings of a flesh-tinted fit . At the same time, they can be worn both with shoes of dark shades, and with shoes in nude color. In the second case, the legs will visually appear longer and slimmer.

Important! You need to choose tights without Lurex and other decorative elements. Today it is not held in high esteem.

How To Wear Dark Tights With a Burgundy Dress

Stockings of dark shades, in particular black, gray or brown should not be too dense . This is the basic rule of a harmonious image.

It is important to select models that fit your legs tight and make them visually slimmer . In addition, they can only be combined with dark-colored shoes, preferably to match the tights themselves.

For example, for the autumn-winter period, a dress made of wine-colored knitwear and black tights in combination with high black boots are well suited. The image will be impeccable, it remains only to add stylish jewelry and a small handbag. In such a bow, you can go out with friends or go to work.

The burgundy color of the product is self-sufficient, the dress itself is already a bright accent in the whole image. Do not choose tights that will attract attention to your legs. They should only effectively emphasize the beauty and style of a woman.

Knowing which tights will suit a burgundy dress, you will always look elegant in it.