What tights to wear a black dress

The ancestors of tights are stockings. Whose idea is it, fashion designers argue to this day. Wearing stockings was not easy. A whole garter system that makes a woman uncomfortable. Although visually it looked beautiful, it did not warm in cold weather, and besides, too warm stockings and garters stood out under the clothes. Designers set a goal - to end the garter.

What nylon tights to wear under a black dress

A variety of shades, textures pleases fashionistas more and more every season. A woman should think through her wardrobe in the evening. Consider the option with a black dress, where the selection of tights is considered an important point.

Black ones are a particularly popular option, but you have to be careful here: if you put on an ultra-thin dress, then they should be the thinnest. You should remember the rule! The warmer the dress, the denser the texture of tights

White is an attractive combination with a black dress, a stable classic. It is worth choosing a white handbag and a scarf, and dilute the image for brightness and extravagance with a small red handbag, belt. Remember! White is fat.

Brown - practical and versatile with a dense texture can be worn with an outfit of costume fabric, matching the shoes or ankle boots that visually lengthen the leg.

Gray, graphite - the dense vestments of your legs in gray and graphite color will suit knitwear; accessories of a bright and saturated color β€” earrings, handbag, belt β€” will help to dilute the seemingly gloomy image. The color of accessories can be selected according to the situation. If you go to the office, then the colors are less flashy, and if it's an evening walk, vice versa.

Mesh - a large mesh looks attractive on long and slender legs. But the mesh of red, purple and other shades is only suitable for theme parties or for an intimate atmosphere.

Lace - thin lace stockings should be worn under a black silk dress.

Fantasy (rhinestones, drawings, predatory prints) - the main thing here is not to overdo it and not lose the color of accessories, which should emphasize strictness and harmony, and not vulgarity. A small clutch with a print is enough.

Pearlescent (lycra) - worth remembering, never wear. This long gone fashion

Can I wear black nylon tights under a black dress

This is the trend of the current fashion. Black top and black bottom are an elegant combination. Will it be a dinner party, a business meeting. Do not forget about the fabric of clothing and the texture of tights!

Body tights - the best option

Combine them with clothes in dark colors, extremely carefully. Too pale colors will make your legs emaciated, and the color of the tan, on the contrary, will seem unnatural. When choosing flesh-colored, you need to adhere to the natural tone of your skin of the hands and the skin as a whole.

If you were published where it is inappropriate to appear without covered legs, then you can choose ultra-thin matte from 8 to 15 den. You should not wear skin tones if your clothes and shoes are dark in color, this option will "cut" your figure into three parts.

What warm tights to wear a black dress

Warm items are suitable if the black outfit is made of thick fabric and is knee-length with long sleeves or three quarters. Dark gray or dark coal color with a smooth surface. Again, you will not lose with the choice of shoes to match gray tights.

Can I wear warm black tights

Warm, knitted, openwork began to gain popularity among fashionistas. You need to choose neutral colors that will be combined with any clothes. These are dark or solid shades. Light colors combine with pastel colors of clothing.

Colored tights - an interesting option

I want you to remain a memorable bright girl, buy purple or blue dense tights, and pick up a purse and glasses of the same color and boldly combine with a black and gray outfit. Try to play with jewelry instead of glasses if they are inappropriate. If you wear green or turquoise, then you need to choose a skirt with knee-length and wear, for example, a hat of the same color.

How to choose tights depending on the dress

It is important that they are "friendly" consistent with the fabric of the costume and the whole image. Thin matte fit for everyday things from a simple delicate knitwear. Tight ideally make up for a warm knitted dress. To along with a dense fabric, a product with a pattern is suitable.

Designs with an arrow or seam differently at the back evoke enthusiastic looks.

Dress length is an important indicator

The length of the skirt can be varied. The main thing, true, is to choose accessories. For example, red leggings perfectly harmonize with a dress of medium length, but be sure to choose a handbag by color. The result is an elegant and feminine image.

The lower the length of the dress, the thinner the pantyhose should be!

The style of the black dress matters

To the flared fit slightly smoky tones. If the cocktail outfit is light but not overly open, stop at Charcoal Black. Sundress or miniskirt with rhinestones and sequins do not require additional decoration; opt for matte black or flesh tights. Sheath dress will emphasize your figure and harmony of legs, here you can do with simple and natural shades.

What tights for a black dress to choose in winter

Warm cloves, plain or openwork - the requisite of winter vestments. Mostly women choose carbon or graphite microfiber material. It’s the same here, the dense fabric of the clothes β€” compacted tights to match the shoes.

Important! In the winter, pick up tights in which it will be warm.

And remember that your pantyhose should look neat, without spools, holes and sewn knots. It is unacceptable to wear burnt and stretched, but also small sizes, in order to avoid the arrow in the wrong place.

Make an effort to choose clothes and accessories to be attractive and unusual.