What things remain in fashion for more than half a century

Everyone knows the definition of the word “fashion” as the short-term popularity of something. New images, individual things come into our lives and leave, leaving the aftertaste of the past years. The most successful things and stylistic decisions do not leave us so quickly, but remain at the peak of popularity for many years and decades.

Inexpensive and practical jeans

The first centenarians from the list are jeans loved by all. They owe their appearance to Levy Strauss's entrepreneurial spirit and the urgent need of the Wild West prospectors for clothes that are practical and wear-resistant from affordable, inexpensive fabrics. In 1886, jeans found the famous patch depicting two horses trying to break a pair of denim trousers. The type of clothing was so practical and popular that every year the production of jeans trousers only increased. The American heritage today is borne by men and women from all over the world. There are many styles, trousers vary in length and purpose, but the common features that combine this type of clothing are still recognizable:

  • indigo color has become a classic, shades and degree of wear just add charm;
  • strong fabric ensures that a successful pair will be worn for a long time and in any conditions;
  • natural cotton - a guarantee of hygroscopicity and high thermal conductivity of the fabric;
  • the standard location of pockets, time-tested, makes the trousers indispensable for travel and leisure.

The triumphal procession of jeans fashion on the planet is a unique phenomenon. There is no other type of clothing so beloved and revered by everyone.

Military boots

At the beginning of the last century, a new type of soldier's shoe was developed for soldiers - high boots with lacing and a sole protruding around the perimeter. Now, unlike previous shoes, it was much easier to travel long distances on any terrain. Soldier shoes gained popularity in peacetime. Every time the military style returns to fashion, recognizable shoes are again at the peak of popularity.

Very often, girls’s lacing boots are equipped with completely non-masculine things, according to the principle of contrast. A mixture of styles, a combination of incongruous always attracted the attention of fashionistas.

Reference! A trendy fall look may include a tweed coat, a long lace skirt, and lace-up berets.

Cropped jacket for men

The twentieth century was a storehouse of “eternal” fashionable things. At the beginning of the century, with the development of aviation, a new type of clothing appeared - a shortened men's leather pilot jacket. The first jackets for pilots were made of thick leather; sheared sheepskin was used as a pad. With the advent of advanced aircraft, flight conditions changed, and the pilot's jacket lost its warm lining. A shortened leather jacket from the Second World War, a model popular today, was sewn of horse leather. General features of a shortened jacket model "pilot":

  • length below the waist and not reaching the line of the hips;
  • the bottom of the jacket and sleeves is an insert of knitted elastic;
  • zipper in the center of the shelf;
  • set-in sleeve of a free form;
  • patch shelves with flap or leaflet on shelves.

In a century when the car for many an integral part of life, the model of the pilot jacket is especially popular. It is comfortable inside and not cold outside. It goes well with jeans and is just very comfortable.

Bikini in different variations

Clothing similar to a separate swimsuit was used for women's sports in ancient Greece. A separate swimsuit has been known to contemporaries since 46 years of the last century. The name comes from the nuclear tests at the same time at the Bikini Atoll. At that time, the swimsuit had a talking name - “divided atom”. After ten years of leisurely adoption, a seductive swimsuit has become popular all over the world. Over time, the shape of the parts of the swimsuit changes, but its image is so recognizable and loved by most girls. The most famous models:

  • classic bikini swimsuit;
  • on strings or string - triangles connected by strings;
  • bandokini - the top is an elastic band, no straps;
  • tablecloth - bottom with a skirt;
  • sports bikini - clothes for athletes.

Having abandoned the closed swimsuit, the girls appreciated the convenience and beauty of the model.

Quality coat

Recently, the winter and demi-season coat in the wardrobe has been replaced by other types of clothing. In a down jacket it is much more comfortable to wait out the winter cold, but if you need to look elegant, the coat is beyond competition. The type of clothing that gives the owner not only protection from the cold, but also confidence in a decent appearance.

Important! For an expensive purchase to remain in fashion as long as possible, preference should be given to classic models, for example, a coat of the famous Max Mara fashion house.

Distinctive features of products of the Italian manufacturer:

  1. The most famous sand-colored models are made of camel wool.
  2. Men's style in a women's coat, for example, model 101801. The famous double-breasted model appeared on the wave of emancipation.
  3. Coat (Model Manuela) no clasp, it can be worn with a wide belt.
  4. The shoulder line is soft, enveloping, the armhole is free, you can wear any clothes under the coat.

Max Mara coat is not the only one that improves the style of modern girls. A black coat that looks like an elongated straight-cut jacket can also be attributed to things at all times. The main thing in this type of clothing is cut and high-quality coat fabric. Investing in a product of a famous brand is a reasonable choice for fans of the classic style.

Jackets & Jackets

Another type of masculine clothing firmly established in the women's wardrobe. In the usual form for contemporaries, a tweed jacket appeared in the collections of the young Coco Chanel, back in 1936. The famous model is recognizable by the following features:

  • semi-fit cut;
  • the collar is missing or is replaced by a narrow stand. The neck opens the collar of the blouse. The jacket can be worn with a neckerchief;
  • the edge of the side, the bottom of the product, the entrances of the pockets are decorated with contrast wicker trim;
  • Buttons of a fastener and pockets on a shelf are issued in a corporate style, with a logo of the Chanel Fashion House.

Unlike the strict rules of past years, such a jacket no longer needs to be combined with trousers or a skirt made in the same style with the top. Modern fashionistas perfectly combine a classic jacket with jeans or a chiffon layered skirt. Sneakers of a fashionable model will help to complete a casual look.

Jackets are distinguished by the presence of a classic English turn-down collar. Pockets on the shelves are decorated with valves. A button closure emphasizes the fit of the product and the slimness of the wearer.


A woman always wants to be admired. Creating a seductive feminine image of a contemporary is inconceivable without a pair of high-heeled pumps. The presence of high heels translates them into the category of not the most comfortable shoes. In order for the day to pass at an altitude in all senses of this expression, the boats must be of very high quality. The shoes of the iconic Christian Louboutin shoe designer are distinguished by a comfortable shoe, good quality leather and a beautiful shape that has not gone out of style for many years.

Modern fashion makes adjustments to the quantitative and qualitative composition of the wardrobe. But any girl understands that there are models of clothes that are more likely to remain in fashion for more than one season. In the purchase of such things, you can safely invest money and time to select them. Such investments will pay off handsomely and allow the girl to look fashionable and flawless for more than one season.