What things in a men's wardrobe annoy women

If you ask yourself: “What irritates women in a men's wardrobe?”, The notorious sandals worn on a toe come to mind. However, the list of things, alas, is much larger. What should not be worn, in order to please the female representatives, we will tell in the article.

Men's clothing that annoys women

This list includes not only certain types of clothing, but also ways of wearing and combining them. Please note that it is unlikely that the girl will go with you on a second date, if on the first you were dressed in:

  • Tracksuit - great jogging or gym wear. In it you can get from home to the stadium or your favorite bar (although here it’s better to take change clothes, rather than come in the one in which you plan to sweat to train). In movies and restaurants, and even every day a woman in this you will not want to see.
  • Baggy clothes - it annoys women. Especially classic. The suit, which sits as if you removed it from your grandfather, was not carefully chosen according to your figure - Moveton.

Important! It is recommended not to skimp and sew a classic costume in a good studio by your standards. Yes, it will be more expensive, but the costume will fit perfectly!

  • T-shirt vest - in general, ladies love vests. But there is one “but” - they must be worn in place with a suit. Or at least a shirt. T-shirts and vests - absolute tastelessness.
  • T-shirts with a too deep neckline - if you understand what the “golden mean” is, there should not be any problems. Hanley T-shirts like the weaker sex. Like alcoholic T-shirts. But it’s important to understand when to stop. Too deep neckline is a fashionable no.
  • Hawaiian shirts - in them the man seems frivolous.
  • T-shirts with prints and slogans. The “If you want me - smile” t-shirt is rather disgusted than at least tender with a sense of humor. Not to mention sympathy and attraction.

Important! Of course, no one is against stylish prints. But if you are unsure that you can distinguish a good picture from a bad one, it is better to give preference to simply plain clothes. So surely you will not lose.

  • Jackets with false shoulders - yes, women love strong men, defenders. And broad shoulders are one of the signals that, on the subconscious, tell the lady that you are. But when you just want to seem like that, it will push the girl much harder than the truth.
  • Clothing with a lot of patch pockets - yes, if you are a military man or a scout. Not if none of the above.
  • Jeans tucked into high boots - as in the paragraph above, is contraindicated for civilians in the metropolis.
  • A sweater tucked into trousers - perhaps some women like this way of getting dressed. But most vote against.
  • A shirt under a shirt - it’s possible if this is a country image. You can’t if you wear a shirt under any shirt. Especially with a classic costume.
  • T-shirt on a naked body - so you can dress in the gym, in the country or on the beach. In other cases, save the shirt for appropriate situations.
  • The jacket is longer than the outer clothing - when the floors of the jacket peek out from under the jacket or cloak, it looks at least careless, and at the very least - flawed. Watch for this.
  • Short shorts - no matter how many women have a negative attitude towards shorts, it is convenient, functional and fashionable. But you should carefully consider the length. Leave the girls very short with beautiful legs.
  • Very tight-fitting jeans - as in the previous paragraph, which is too, then not sensible. If you can’t sit down in jeans or hit your lady’s abuser again, then why would she need such a knight?
  • Pink things - there is no logical explanation for this. Just things of this color seem to women non-sexual. Take it for granted and discard all variations of this shade.
  • T-shirt mesh - perhaps the population of some Europe, these clothes are unfamiliar. But in the whole post-Soviet space, mesh shirts are a real scourge. Ugly, vulgar, and hairy nipples stick out. Like on TV: “Take it off immediately!”

Attention! Surely your woman has her own personal list of antitrends. Ask her what clothes from your wardrobe she doesn't like / annoy. Listen to the opinion of your beloved - she will not advise bad things. Yes, and your relationship will have a positive effect.

What accessories and shoes in a men's wardrobe do women not like

If while reading the list above you sighed sadly, you will have to take all your will into a fist and endure a new list of accessories and shoes that women do not like:

  • Sandals with socks - a well-deserved first place. You should not even discuss it, just accept it as an axiom.

Important! Yes, girls can wear socks and knee-high socks for shoes and sandals. This fashion came to us from Asian countries. But neither in China or Japan, nor in India or Zimbabwe there are similar trends for men. Humble yourself.

  • Flip-flops and flip-flops - again, it is worth mentioning the appropriateness of shoes. On the beach, garden or picnic far beyond the city, these things are quite suitable. Going out to the store at the entrance is no longer recommended.
  • The backpack is not of age - even with a print of Superman or Betman. Alas, if you are over 20, you should choose knapsacks more seriously. But good taste attracts beautiful women. Everywhere its advantages.
  • Belt with suspenders - both accessories perform the function of supporting trousers. Therefore, you need to wear one thing - either just a belt, or just braces.
  • A belt with a large badge or jewelry - looks like an attempt to seem macho. But more makes the opposite impression. This mod has remained deep in the zeros. Leave these belts there.
  • A large number of jewelry - in general, jewelry on a man seems to women to be inappropriate. Watches, a wedding ring and cufflinks are an ideal set. Five rings on the hand or two earrings in the ear, the lady of the heart will not appreciate.
  • The purse is a clear “hello” from the 90s. To this day, a raspberry-colored jacket, a massive chain and a purse are associated with bandits. Negative associations in the struggle for the attention of women will obviously not play in your favor. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to briefcases, backpacks or a bag-folder.
  • Uggs - historically, sexuality and uggs are at different poles.
  • High boots - as in the case of trousers with a large number of patch pockets, high boots are suitable only for the military.
  • Shoes with a blunt toe or shoes with a too pointed toe are again the “too much is not healthy” rule. Following the rule of the golden mean, you can wear shoes with any form of sock.

These rules are advisory in nature. You should always go for your own taste and sense of style. And, pay attention to the fact that even a perfectly dressed man in a suit "without a pin" will not cause an enthusiastic sigh from a woman if he is not well-groomed. Be beautiful and happy!