What is a t-shirt bra?

Most of the fair sex try in various ways to emphasize the shape of the breast, using various options for bras. The most convenient is the t-shirt model. Read on about the features of this species and the brands that offer it.

What kind of wardrobe item is a t-shirt bra?

A t-shirt bra is a classic model with stitches. It was created specifically for active women who prefer clothing with an open V-neckline . In fact, any molded bra will be a t-shirt model. Also, such a product is called contour, because it is able to adjust the shape of the chest.

Description of the "design"

The cup consists of three elements and in most cases does not have a push-up layer . Instead, the cup is filled with special foam or polyphile, which does not burden the product. This model is concise and has no unnecessary details.

Attention! Modern models can be found with a light push-up effect.

The pros and cons of a bra

T-shirt bras have gained popularity among a large number of women. Consider their main advantages:

  1. Correction of a figure. The contour type gently supports the chest and gives it a beautiful shape. The cups can both hide the nipples and form the correct shape for the bust of a conical shape.
  2. The possibility of constant wear. The product has no decor and is imperceptible even under thin clothes.
  3. Comfortable to wear. It does not rub the skin and is almost not felt on the body.
  4. Hypoallergenicity. Due to the use of quality materials, redness and irritation do not appear on the skin.

A significant drawback is noted by the owners of a large bust who need reliable support. T-shirt due to the lack of seams can not provide the necessary support .

Important! Well-known brands began to sew t-shirt models with a lot of jewelry.

What colors are there?

The classics for lingerie are black, beige and white. Each product should have these shades of products in her arsenal. They are ideally suited to clothes of the corresponding tones. However, along with the classics in fashion, there are also other pastel colors. So, a shade of dusty roses will emphasize the sophistication of the girl.

Printed models are also in demand . It can be bright contrasting geometric patterns and other spectacular prints. Bright shades are also popular, such as green, yellow, turquoise, orange and others.

Reference! Choosing a bra for an office shirt or blouse should give preference to white and beige color.

What brands offer it such a model?

On sale you can find products of various manufacturers. The most popular are the following:

  1. Versailles Products of this brand have a large number of shades, are made of lace, and have a bow in front.
  2. Infinity Lingerie. Models are made of high quality materials and have removable straps.
  3. Apollo Products are made of elastic lace fabric and are decorated with a bow in front.
  4. Danta. The model is simple and sewn from melange material. As ornaments used lace and a bow with a pendant.
  5. Sirius A distinctive nuance is that all sections are processed with curly seams, which makes the contour of the product invisible.
  6. Menorca. This model has a slight push-up effect.

A t-shirt bra is a trendy and practical everyday option. It requires respect and care. It is better to wash such a product by hand, and replace ordinary powder with a delicate gel. High-quality and properly selected linen will last a long time.