What swimsuits get fat

Surprisingly, swimwear, despite the fact that they do not cover even half of the body, can significantly distort the silhouette. Some models sit so absurdly on the figure that they can harm the image of even a slender girl . How to choose a swimsuit? Which styles are better to bypass? Let's try to figure it out.

Swimwear that add fullness

Fashion designers present to the court of avid fashionistas a wide variety of models. And to buy them or not, a woman decides on her own.

But during shopping, you should be careful about creating a beach bow. To do this, you need to choose a swimsuit strictly according to the figure, taking into account all its features.

Important! Particular attention should be paid to fashionable prints and decorative elements. Small details can greatly damage the beach set, visually adding completeness.

The choice must always be objective. It is necessary to try on a swimsuit and examine yourself from all sides. It is better if a friend or sister goes to the store with you, who can report on the shortcomings. And here is what you need to pay attention to.


There are a lot of bathing suits on sale. Which one to choose depends solely on the image being created.

The most unfortunate for those who are not thin, stylists consider several styles.

High waisted

Swimming trunks with a high waistline will inevitably make the lower body, in particular, the hips, more complete and visually heavy .

Tip. This model is suitable only for miniature ladies with narrow hips.

With cuts

To adjust an overly full figure, you can purchase a closed swimsuit with parallel cuts.

Advice! It is important that the cuts are vertical. In horizontal cuts, the figure will be visually divided into disproportionate parts.


This is also not the best option for plump ladies. They give even more volume to the hips and visually make the figure of a woman heavier.

Important! For girls suffering from extra pounds, classic bikinis with ordinary swimming trunks with an average or mini armhole on the side are perfect.

With high side armhole

Do not buy panties with a high armhole. These trendy things can bring unpleasant adjustments to the silhouette of a chubby lady .

With mesh inserts

This is another insidious element of a bathing suit that can distort the appearance of a girl.

Important! The mesh in the waist and hips extends the figure, making it less elegant and attractive.

It is better to refuse such a decor.

A fabric that makes fuller

The most unpleasant moment may be the purchase of a trendy swimsuit and disappointment in it. This may be caused by a fabric that was not noticed in the store.

This happens with products from reflective fabric, which is very full. Such a “visual deception” is possible with many models of stylish swimwear.

This material attracts attention, but at the same time mercilessly exposes all the flaws of the figure to the public. Thanks to this, the whole beach will see a rounded tummy or fat folds that you, as if on purpose, flaunted.

Artful prints

It would seem that women draw attention to the drawing. But they rarely think about how the patterns on the fabric look from the side.

Please note that costumes with geometric prints (cage or strip) are not for everyone .

Reference! For most women, such outfits are not at all suitable, since they visually add extra centimeters at the waist and hips.

Large prints act similarly. Do not choose a swimsuit with a lurid pattern, if the figure leaves much to be desired.

It would be more correct to purchase a closed swimsuit made in the original retrostyle.

Or take a closer look at the classic version - a bikini with medium-heeled swimming trunks.