What sweatshirt to wear in fall 2019

Autumn is on the verge! Have you prepared your hoodies yet? It seems to me that one cannot do without them in cool weather. I just want to have not only comfortable and warm, but also a fashionable jacket. I studied in advance what are in fashion this fall. I share.

What hoodies are relevant for fall-2019

This fall, different models of hoodies (classic, hoodies, sweatshirts) do not go to the background. Despite the fact that this clothing personifies a sports or informal street style, it can be used to create different images. This is facilitated by a wide selection of styles, textures and colors.


The classic remains relevant:

  • loose silhouette;
  • wide sleeves;
  • lack of fasteners and zippers on the main part;
  • a neckline that allows you to conveniently wear a jacket over your head.

But something designers still worked on.


Autumn 2019 is the time to wear various models of hoodies, both standard length and shortened . The second option is suitable for slim young people. This is a great opportunity to emphasize the dignity of the figure.


Shortened models are in fashion:

  • with and without a hood;
  • on laces and ties or with large accessories on the hood;
  • with a concise print;
  • with a little decor.

Such a variety will allow you to have several shortened things in your wardrobe at once to create a more strict or, conversely, playful image.


In contrast to the described style, elongated models resemble a sweater dress.

Tip. Choose models with a wide, baggy cut, if you're skinny. Give preference to a straight silhouette when you want to beat the figure plus size advantageously.


The color scheme of fall 2019 is rich, and hoodies use it to the fullest. Bright colors coexist peacefully with pale pastel shades . One-color models are just as relevant as patchwork sweatshirts.

It’s easy to choose the right shade.

  • Aged classic pure gamut - for work .
  • Bright pink, raspberry, green, canary yellow variety emphasize the playful image, suitable for a party .
  • Vanilla, soft blue and pale pink shades are ideal for dating and romantic walks along the autumn alleys.
  • Gray, black, deep blue or white is the best choice for casual and sporty style.

Plain colors set a strict mood. And those that combine several shades will dilute the restrained atmosphere of autumn weekdays.


There will be plenty of them in the fall of 2019!

Reference. Lettering, floral motifs, animal prints, portraits and geometric patterns are in fashion.

The choice is huge, but do not get carried away! Remember the appropriateness of this or that drawing. Moreover, even plain clothes can look advantageous due to the cut and decorative elements that stand out from the crowd.


In the fall of this year, voluminous applications began to be considered a trend and a must have element. Flowers, ice cream and butterflies will appear on clothes to brighten up gloomy days.

If you want to supplement the image with unusual elements, but the situation does not allow, give preference to the following possible decoration options:

  • printed geometric pattern;
  • decorative buttons, for example, along the sleeves;
  • non-standard hood-collar resembling a scarf;
  • hood with a zipper.

Sweatshirts with frills will look unusual and fresh. Additional volume is created in the area of ​​the shoulders and chest, giving the image femininity and lightness.

How to combine a sweatshirt to look stylish

Still doubt that the sweatshirt is appropriate in different ways? And in vain!

Choose a skirt and pants

  • Cropped models will look good paired with skinny pants and jeans .

Tip. Choose high-waisted trousers to balance the look.

  • Sport chic is the simplest look based on sweatshirts and sweatshirts. A pair of favorite sneakers, jeans and even pants with stripes look great together.
  • Romantic people will appreciate the tandem of sweatshirts and midi skirts . Looks no worse than a combination with a pleated hem . A medium-length leather skirt is also not forbidden to wear in certain cases.

  • Short jeans shorts and a sweatshirt can safely say "yes!".
  • Layering and complexity of the image are welcome.

Tip. Under a sweatshirt, you can put on a thin shirt or blouse, tuck it in or put it on. From above, casually put on an open short coat, jacket or sports jacket.


Shoes in combination with a sweatshirt will directly depend on the bow being created. Replenish your wardrobe with heavy boots with rough soles, classic boats and white sneakers .


A woman cannot do without a bag! Best suited:

  • small handbag (on a chain, wide long belt or in the hands);
  • backpack;
  • classic short bag (preferably leather).

Tip. If the sleeves are rolled up, then the graceful wrist can be emphasized with bracelets or a watch strap. Feel free to wear rings.

So, do not be afraid to create a sporty, fit, stylish and at the same time feminine image with the help of one piece of clothing. Buy a sweatshirt, and any woman already has everything else for her. Add to this a smile, self-confidence, and the most striking image of fall-2019 will certainly develop!