What sunglasses to buy a child

In the warmer months, sunglasses are one of the most sought after and popular accessories. Quality products provide reliable eye protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Does the child need sun glasses

Ultraviolet rays have a very negative effect on the human organs of vision. They are one of the main reasons leading to the appearance and development of eye diseases. High-quality sunglasses are the protection against light waves - they reflect and scatter them.

It is a well-known fact that the lens of the human eye is particularly sensitive to the negative effects of UV rays in childhood. Therefore, it is important to provide reliable protection for children's eyes. Since the wide fields of a panama hat or visor cap are not enough for this, you need to purchase the right model of sunglasses.

In addition, the glasses provide eyes with protection against dust or dirt, which can cause irritation in children. When choosing the most suitable option for the baby, it is worth considering not only the appearance of the product. Important parameters are the quality and safety of the materials used. It is also worth considering that the product should be comfortable, and the baby's eyes did not get tired.

How old can I wear

When purchasing this summer accessory, it is important to consider the fact that the baby must understand what it is and be able to handle them. Therefore, ophthalmologists recommend the use of sunscreen accessories for children from 2 years.

When visiting southern countries, where the sun is more aggressive, glasses can be worn on a child aged one year. Moreover, the modern market of summer accessories offers a wide range of products for any age.

What to look for when buying

One of the important characteristics that must be considered when buying is the quality of the materials used. Accessories must be made of safe, non-breaking and hypoallergenic materials. The arms of children's models are flexible, and the cogs are more deeply screwed.

For better fixation of the product, it is advisable to choose models that have rubberized sections inside. The accessory rim should be wide. So you can achieve the most comfortable fit of the product. Glasses will not slip or fall when worn.

It is worth considering the age of the baby, because manufacturers produce models that are designed for different age categories:

  • from a year to 3 years;
  • from 3 to 7 years;
  • from 7 to 12 years;
  • after 12 years, the child can use ordinary glasses for adults.

Glass or plastic?

If we consider glasses only as a means of protecting the eyes, then the best option is glass. But for restless and extremely mobile kids, plastic lenses or polycarbonate lenses are more preferable. They provide a high level of protection while being resistant to mechanical damage. The kid will not be able to scratch or break them, which helps to avoid various injuries. Also, such models do not require special care.


It is worth paying attention to the color of the lenses. For the baby’s eyes, brown or gray-green lenses will be optimal. These colors do not distort the real shades and images, so they do not change the perception of the world.

If you are choosing a model for winter, then the best option would be models with pink lenses. This shade makes the environment more contrast on a white background.

Important! It is not recommended to purchase glasses for children with blue lenses. Blue color makes sunlight brighter, which leads to dilated pupils and constant eye strain!

A good option for the baby are models with the effect of polarization. They not only protect against the negative effects of UV rays, but also protect against sun glare.

The best models of children's sunglasses from the sun

Sunscreen accessories for children should be of high quality, safe and bright. The model should be liked by the baby so that he wore it with pleasure. There are companies that specialize in producing high-quality accessories for children.

Baby banz

This company is located in Australia. She is engaged in the production of sunglasses for children aged 0 to 10 years. For the production of high quality polycarbonate. Both lenses and frames are made from it. Products have a strap that can be adjusted. This ensures a comfortable and reliable fit of the product on the baby's head.

Julbo lopping

The company has been manufacturing glasses since 1888, while the quality of products is constantly improving. Children's models have high-quality polycarbonate lenses with Anti Scratch coating. It provides more reliable eye protection. Products are available in a variety of designs and bright colors.

Real kids shades

The company produces accessories for children aged 0 to 12 years. They perfectly protect the eyes of the child, have various shapes and are very comfortable to wear. The company has a line for children from 2 to 5 years. Such products are made of special material, which is almost impossible to break.


The models of this company are of high quality, durability and stylish design. The frame is made of rubberized plastic, which makes it very flexible. Glasses will not break even if you sit on them.

How to look after children's sunglasses

To extend the life of the accessory, you need to properly care for it:

  1. Products should be stored in a special case;
  2. Lenses need to be wiped with microfiber;
  3. You can not put glasses on the lenses, throw them;
  4. Do not wear the product on your head - so the arms will stretch very quickly;
  5. In the presence of strong pollution, lenses need to be washed with soapy water;
  6. The kid needs to be taught to use the product and make sure that he does not begin to chew on glasses.

Experts say that the right model is the one you forget about. When buying an accessory, the baby must measure the glasses and evaluate how comfortable they are. Even if they look great, but are uncomfortable, you need to choose a model for your friend.