What styles are the most popular in 2019

The terms “fashionable” and “stylish” are not always synonymous. Why does one person look ridiculous in trendy things, and the other looks stylish? It turns out that the point is the ability to combine wardrobe items with each other. From the ability to combine, from individual preferences, a certain image and style are formed.

In addition, the style is influenced by nationality, physique, age, lifestyle, position in society and many more nuances. Modern designers offer a huge variety of clothing styles. However, not all of them are at the peak of popularity. We will tell you which directions to pay close attention to during the shopping 2019 to make the right choice.

Styles to help you create an up-to-date look.

Always, without any conditions, the classic remains in fashion . In any case, without it, business and office images are unthinkable. For many years, sports style has not been losing ground - it is appreciated for comfort. Well and where without romance! This year, blouses with lush sleeves, decorated with frills, flounces are worn. These are, so to speak, the “three whales” of fashion. Of these, all the other fashion trends have grown.

Help ! According to the version of glossy magazines, in 2019 most of the clothes should be knitted.

In winter - tight knitwear, with a pile to feel comfortable and relaxed. In summer - thin, not constraining movements and practically not wrinkling. A fashionable image will be “assembled” from shoes, accessories, and the ensemble “top-bottom”. The style of clothing is directly dependent on colors, cuts, textures, and decor.

Important! The main trend of 2019 is practicality and convenience.

Lovers of freedom in all its manifestations: in thoughts, clothing, environment - should look at the military and safari. They both meet the above requirements.


Safaris are sometimes called colonial style. He is a loan from the British military. The wealthy Europeans who participated in the hunt on the African continent adapted their form to their needs.

Clothing that helps mask, in which it is convenient to bend over, pave the way among the thickets, stack numerous trifles, meets the needs of adventurers. Since then patch pockets, a leather belt, natural fabrics of natural shades, shoes without a heel are “signs” of the safari style .

Reference! Favorite shades of safari - sand, beige, swamp, olive, gray, brown.

Safari perfectly "gets along" with knitwear, jewelry made of bone and wood. The inherent simplicity of the cut, slight negligence, bruising make him one of the favorites of this season.


The name speaks for itself! So, the military uniform and its recognizable strict elements are the basis for fantasy. Khaki, breeches, berets, beret or cap - the image is almost ready. So that it takes shape completely, it remains to pick up a hairdress and accessories.

As for the hair, it should not be disheveled. And of the accessories, metal chains, badges, ties, bags made of rough leather are great.


Elegant, layered, mysterious! Cascading, flowing fabrics, embroidery, bright prints, massive earrings and necklaces - each fashionista will find something suitable in a variety of models in the oriental style.

Doesn't a voluminous oriental tunic look like an oversized t-shirt? And under it is customary to wear pants! Convenient, easy and beautiful. Makeup should emphasize beauty: thick eyeliner, rich shadows, bright lips. Any hairstyle: gathered in a knot or loose hair, but no bangs!


It will appeal to the adherents of restraint and elegance. Monochrome - this does not mean to dress up in black or white from head to toe. This means that in one set, things of different shades of the same color or different fabric textures have the right to be .

This style is good for the busy: you don’t have to think long about what to wear! You just need to put things in one color into a single set. Solid - not necessarily boring. You can play with volumes, gloss, accessories.

Reference! The combination of black and white in one bow is also monochrome.


Elements of this style are found in almost all fashion collections of the season.

Patchwork technique harmoniously fits into the popular casual and boho, combined with another trend - fringe .

A colorful shirt and favorite jeans - in this outfit you can in the movies, and on a visit, and on nature. Patchwork is always bright, varied and not boring! And it necessarily gives rise to associations with home warmth, comfort and security.


This is femininity itself! Embroidery, fringe, pastel shades, styles that emphasize the figure, still like women.

But how can you not like the sophistication of the image, the elegance of the lines of the silhouette resembling an hourglass?

Retro is fitted jackets and vests, wide belts, puffy midi-length skirts, seductive overalls.

The combination of styles is a fashion trend of 2019

Long gone are the days when it was supposed to wear stilettos for evening dress. You won’t surprise anyone today if you wear sneakers under the floor-length chiffon skirt. And stylists strongly recommend experimenting, giving preference to unexpected combinations. The main thing is that it should be spectacular and original.

If you have to meet a young man who looks like a street kid from the movie “The Republic of SKID”, you should not think that he put on clothes from someone else’s shoulder. He is quite in trend! Oversize clothing is not going to give up its positions this year; it is a favorite of street styles. A “dimensionless” sweater with classic trousers, a bomber jacket with an elegant skirt, an ethnic-style blouse with military trousers - designers advise combining all this into one set.

A mix of wardrobe items from different styles is an opportunity to be stylish without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics. It is important not to forget that comfort does not always play a decisive role. It is also important to think about the appropriateness of the combinations.