What is a skeletal comb and why does a woman need it

Do you have a skeletal comb? I also did not have before. Thanks to the hairdresser friend, suggested. Even before that, I took my combs seriously. After all, a correctly selected comb helps to make hair not only beautiful, but also healthy. When combing, a massage effect is achieved, which stimulates hair growth, makes them soft and silky. An accessory with a not-so-attractive name has a special role in caring for a hairstyle. I’ll tell you what the matter is.

Why is the comb skeletal?

The name of the accessory was given for its appearance, or rather, for the ribbed surface, slightly resembling a fish skeleton. Otherwise, this is a regular comb, a daily option for various types of hair. Rare cloves allow you to perfectly comb your hair and achieve silkiness.

Important! Manufacturers use high-quality modern material - plastic, which does not harm the hair and does not cause them to become electrified.

"Skeleton" is a great accessory for creating morning styling and increasing basal volume.

Important! The holes in the base allow the warm air of the electric dryer to gently dry the curls, but do not injure the scalp.

The difference between this type of tool and the usual in our everyday life are rarely located teeth made of the same material as the base. This is a great advantage for women with thick hair of various lengths.


In stores you can find combs with cloves on one or two sides . The choice depends only on the thickness and length of the hair. The main thing is to choose a product from high-quality material with a special coating that will protect against static electricity.

Why do we need a skeletal comb?

  • Such a tool is necessary for the proper and safe drying of curls after washing .

Important! These are the only combs that do not damage the hair when combing immediately after washing.

In a hurry to work, you can quickly wash your hair and immediately comb the curls with the help of this styling tool. This can be done with or without a hairdryer. Rare teeth are absolutely safe for a wet head.

  • In addition, the comb-skeleton creates a wonderful volume near the root zone . To do this, during drying, you need to carefully lift the curls so that they are soft and airy, do not fit snugly on the scalp.
  • Thick straight hair will feel great after interacting with such an instrument. The owner of luxurious hair will save them from tangled beams, make them soft and silky, shiny from high-quality combing.

Pros and cons of "skeletons"

To objectively evaluate the accessory, we indicate its pros and cons.


A number of advantages of the "fish skeleton" are undeniable:

  • thanks to the holes in the base, the hair is easy to blow dry ;
  • tooth arrangement helps achieve incredible splendor ;
  • helps to quickly and painlessly unravel the tundra on the head ;
  • it is easy to clean from stuck villi and dirt.


In addition to the advantages of skeletal comb, it is necessary to note some of its disadvantages .

  • When the hair is constantly dried using a hair dryer with warm air, plastic can break down and release toxic substances.
  • Plastic, as you know, the material is short-lived, quickly collapses, as a result of which the equipment for caring for a hairstyle can noticeably lose “teeth” .
  • On damaged hair, a comb will create static electricity, which is not very pleasant.

How to use a skeletal comb

Hairdressers note that curly curls are better not to injure with this type of comb . They need to be dried by hands, without resorting to the help of a special tool. Direct can be easily dried with the help of a "skeleton", but you need to have certain skills.

Stunning styling algorithm

  • Make a parting.
  • Comb the hair from the roots a few centimeters down.
  • Then, lifting it, dry it with a stream of warm air from a hairdryer. Through the holes in the base, he will reach the roots and make the laying magnificent.

Advice! If you are the owner of a luxurious thick mane of hair that needs proper styling, feel free to purchase such a comb and experiment with a hairdryer.

The main thing is to choose a product with a special coating that will protect the hair from damage and static electricity. This is an excellent solution for daily combing, even immediately after shampooing.