What should be in a disturbing suitcase

Many wondered what would happen if an emergency occurred in the country. If shops, pharmacies will not work, the Internet will turn off and it is impossible to withdraw money from a credit card. The military often conduct exercises and know how to act in a similar situation, but how to behave a civilian person. But the main question is what to take with you if you have to urgently leave your house.

What is an alarm case

This is usually called the set of things that everyone should have during an emergency. No need to pay attention to the name, this is not necessarily a suitcase, but rather, a convenient backpack that you can easily take with you. There are some basic items, but there are also things that must be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the owner of such a set. There, small food supplies, clothes, medicines, personal hygiene products and tools are stored.

IMPORTANT! All items must be new and not used before.

What must be in it

First you need to find a comfortable backpack that can hold a lot of things, and it should also be convenient for long trips or situations if you need to carry it behind your back for several hours. It is also better to remember where exactly this or that thing was placed, so that if necessary, quickly get it.

ATTENTION! The weight must be distributed evenly; do not stack all heavy objects to the bottom.

After choosing a convenient "suitcase", you need to decide what things and products you need to take in the first place.

  1. Copies of all important documents in waterproof packaging. There must be a passport, medical policy, driver’s license and documents of children. It will not be out of place if in the same package there are documents on the property, as well as photographs of relatives, so that you can show them if someone is lost.
  2. A small supply of cash and a credit card.
  3. A map by which you can quickly navigate in space.

    IMPORTANT! Arrange in advance with family members where you can meet in case of an emergency or someone lags behind the group.

  4. Radio and batteries for it to find out news and relevant information. You can also buy an inexpensive mobile phone and portable charging for it, so that in the first hours to be in touch.
  5. Flashlight, watch and compass.
  6. A multifunctional tool that includes a screwdriver, knife, scissors, etc.
  7. Insulating tape or tape.
  8. Durable packages that can replace the awning and help to shelter from the weather.
  9. Rope or strong cord.
  10. First aid kit, which includes allergy and poisoning drugs, antipyretic and painkillers, disinfectants, bandages, plasters and antibiotics.
  11. Medical alcohol that can be used to disinfect a wound.
  12. Underwear, socks, spare trousers, sweater and T-shirt.
  13. Hygiene products.
  14. Mug, plate, knife and flask.
  15. A set of food for two days.
  16. Lighter and matchstick packaging.

    ATTENTION! Most products should be ready-made or that can be easily prepared on campus.

What will not be amiss

  1. A sleeping bag or tent, depending on the fullness of the backpack and the weight that can easily be carried on your back. No need to pack a backpack, which requires a lot of effort and energy.
  2. An hatchet and a sapper shovel can be useful in many cases, so it is also better to have them with you in case of emergency.
  3. Pencil and notebook.

A suitcase for emergencies should be in the house of not only a soldier, but also a civilian. It is not necessary to have the whole list, but it is better to put a small set of things in a special place so that it can be easily supplemented and taken with you.