What is a shopping bag

The history of the creation of the bag as a separate accessory has its roots in history. And it began with a small bag that was used to carry money. Over time, this little thing changed its size and shape. And today there are lots of options for such a necessary accessory. Fashion designers delight us with interesting new products every season. The last of them was a shopping bag.

What is this shopper bag

The name of this item comes from the English word shop and implies a roomy thing for shopping. It can be distinguished by a combination of the following characteristics:

  • large size;
  • strong, solid base;
  • lack of fasteners;
  • inside there is only one department;
  • reinforced handles.

This item will save you from using multiple packages. The thing is convenient to use. It is made of durable material that can withstand significant loads, but, meanwhile, is not devoid of a beautiful and stylish look. Her design perfectly complements a business suit.

Appearance and dimensions of such a bag

If we consider this accessory constructively, it is a voluminous object and differs in the following forms:

  • in the form of a rectangle located along or across;
  • trapezoidal;
  • full square or with rounded corners.

Inside the accessory there is one roomy department. In some models, a valve is located on top, but this is already particular. Also in more types of fasteners are missing.

What is a shopper bag for?

This item is best suited for long shopping trips. But this is not the only option for its use. Also with him you can safely go on a country walk or on a short trip. After all, you can put a lot of things you need on the road.

There are variations for everyday use, for example, for going to work. Often women need to carry documentation. And with the dimensions of this model, a folder in A4 format will fit perfectly in it. So in such a thing your business papers will not be remembered and not damaged.

What are shoppers made of?

The list of materials with which this thing is made is quite extensive. But there are several that are in high demand:

  • Leather. This option is resistant to adverse weather conditions (rain or snow). Despite the bad weather, the contents will remain safe.
  • Suede. It has a noble velvety appearance, fits perfectly into any outfit. But for the warm season is not suitable.
  • Jeans. Recently, this variation has been at the peak of popularity, especially if it is an “aged” fabric with a slight scuff or holes.
  • Thick cotton. An indispensable summer accessory perfect for beach walks. It is also worth considering the fact that this material is easily erased.
  • Synthetics. Combines strength and practicality.

Types of shopping bags

As mentioned above, this model is distinguished by a rather large size. And this is understandable, according to its purpose, it should contain a sufficient number of objects. She also has convenient handles, for which she can not only be carried in her hands, but also hang quietly on her shoulder.

There are several main varieties of this thing:

  • The so-called postman bag. It has a wide belt (so that it is convenient to carry it on the shoulder), additional pockets on the sides and a wide valve that slips on top.
  • Variation "dome" is distinguished by an elongated frame and two small handles.
  • The product, made in the style of "diplomat" is made of leather and serves as a wonderful option to complement a business wardrobe.
  • The bucket style is a formless thing with a dense bottom and a long handle.

Overview of popular shopping bags from famous brands

When a new type of accessory appears, the designers of each famous brand try to bring some of their own features and details into it. And the shopper was no exception to the rule. Let's look at this with examples.

Chanel . Probably the most famous company in the fashion industry, has moved slightly away from classical canons and released sports-style products: a base made of dense canvas, leather handles in a contrasting color and a jewelry in the form of a chain.

Calvin Klein. Their motto is “simplicity and elegance” and they resonated in this product: strict lines, nothing superfluous and only a flirty bow adds a certain zest to the overall appearance.

Oriflame. A well-known manufacturer of cosmetics also specializes in producing fashion bags. Their offer was timed to the season of vacations and beach holidays, and therefore created in a marine style.

Pros and cons of shopping bags

As already clear from the above, the main positive quality of this subject is its spaciousness. In addition, it is worth noting the practicality and versatility.

But along with the positive qualities, there are several disadvantages. One of them can be considered that they visually reduce the growth of their owner. And also not suitable for miniature girls with small stature.