What shoes to wear with a down jacket?

We are not familiar with this outfit for the first winter. A down jacket is a jacket with a feather and a feather of a bird inside. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of all kinds of styles of different lengths. It is clear that this winter, such clothing will again be popular. In this regard, the question is urgent - with what to combine it and which shoes to choose.

Types of shoes that fits

Under the down jacket, it is selected depending on the temperature in the street. For light down jackets worn in the fall, the appropriate model is selected:

  • ankle boots;
  • boots;
  • demi-season boots;
  • ankle boots.

For winter down-padded coats, shoes with an inner layer of warm artificial material (in models such as Euro-winter) or natural fur are purchased:

  • boots;
  • ankle boots;
  • ugg boots;
  • winter boots.

Stiletto Heel Boots

High heel gives grace to the leg, lengthens the figure, makes the gait feminine. This model is perfect for any down jacket. These are classic women's boots, but they are not universal and not always suitable for the conditions of our winter. In ice, a more practical model is required.

Wide-Top Wedge Heels

They combine the elegance of high-heeled boots and the convenience of low-speed shoes, as well as all the advantages of these models. Due to the shortened shafts, they look very stylish. Shoes are worn with a skirt and trousers. They can be decorated with different elements: lacing, zippers, straps, fur, a combination of various textures of leather or suede.

Classic flat boots

Very comfortable, comfortable and practical model, with a different decor, suitable for most down jackets. Boots on slender tall girls are especially beautiful. Both girls and older women choose them. Shoes can be made of leather or suede, but always with a lining of warm faux fabric or fur.

Ugg boots and winter sports shoes

This model looks absolutely inexpressible, but the fashionable women who have tried them no longer want to part with them: their legs feel so comfortable and comfortable in them. Well-known sports brands have responded to this fashion and created their own variations, reinforcing the sole and increasing the height of the boots. It is very convenient in the cold season to take a walk in high winter sneakers or boots with fur. Moreover, they are perfectly combined with any length of clothing.

Shoes according to clothing length

When buying a down jacket, the question rarely arises of what kind of boots can be worn under it. But their choice is very important, because it is they who complement and form the integrity of the image . There are certain rules, following which will help to remain stylish and fashionable:

  • clothes cannot cover shoes;
  • clothes and shoes form an ensemble, and therefore the style should be uniform;
  • a bag or scarf is selected under the shoes;
  • fashion must be followed, but individual characteristics (figure, age, etc.) are above all.

What to wear with a short down jacket?

For a cold winter, this thing is not very suitable only if you wear it in the offseason, in the thaw or put on in a car. And since women actively drive cars, the demand for it is great. A short down jacket is combined with shoes of completely different styles and lengths:

  • ugg boots;
  • ankle boots;
  • knee-high boots;
  • boots of any models.

This length of the jacket allows the choice of shoes in bright colors to match the down jacket, and if the outerwear of classic colors - black or white - a scarf to match the shoes.

What to combine with long?

Frosty winter will be comfortable in this model of a down jacket. You can hide in it like "in a house", and the cold will not penetrate. Stylists recommend that owners of long products pay attention to uggs or timberlands, which with their convenience will complement the cozy warmth of outerwear. Ankle boots or sneakers will help to bring harmony to the figure, suede or leather ankle boots will also be very helpful.

Down jacket to the knee - what to wear under it?

Here, high leather boots, ugg boots, dutiks, boots of all kinds of models will be appropriate. In this case, even boots with low wide heels are suitable, if the length of the down jacket allows. In the color scheme, you need to prefer classic or traditional tones, no shocking acid shades.

How to choose the color of shoes?

The vast majority of models annually supplied by the shoe industry are in dark colors. The black color of the shoes is traditional, does not oblige to anything, it looks stylish, elegant, and with lacquered inserts it is also solemn. It is chosen by customers more often than other shades. Suitable for any down jacket.

Colored shoes are acquired either in tone to the down jacket, or as a bright spot to the dark along with a colorful dilution of the image . For example, fashionable pink boots will complement the same jacket, and blue over-the-knee boots will focus on the mouse-blue top dress of the fashionista. Black clothes will be enlivened by any color model complemented by accessories.

Shoes for the red down jacket

Bright color greatly limits freedom of choice. Shoes can be either red, matching the outerwear, or black. For example, a jacket with red suede boots or black ankle boots will look great. If the down jacket is short, suede over the knee boots will emphasize the unusual color of the clothes.

What to wear with black?

The color is classic, practical, often chosen for socks. Boots can be chosen in tone, but it will be more interesting to dilute the image with interspersed accessories and shoes in bright colors. If on the down jacket there are details with fur in the color of the product, a choice of shoes with the same elements is possible. The color of the jacket and boots in this case should match. Fashion designers suggest staying on ankle boots at low speed or on classic suede boots with any thickness of the heel.

How to combine white?

White color is a special category of down jackets. It doesn’t matter how long the product is - the view of its owner will be elegant and a little solemn. Or maybe it's Snow Maiden? The answer should be supported by high-heeled boots that look like a fairytale princess: graceful and beautiful. No one will be interested in the Snow Maiden in uggs or rude boots. They can be selected with caution only for a sports-type white jacket, short and decorated with symbols, or if the decor contains elements of folk ornament.