What shoes to choose for graduation-2019

School graduation is one of the most striking and extraordinary events in the life of every person. In the last days of study, the heads of schoolchildren (and especially schoolgirls) are engaged not only in final exams, but also in preparation for this important holiday. To create an unforgettable image, every detail is important, literally from head to toe. Just about the legs, more precisely, about the shoes decorating them, we’ll talk.

What should be the shoes for the prom

The fact that she must be beautiful, in harmony with the outfit, stylish and emphasizing the whole image as a whole is no secret. But many forget about such an important property as convenience . But the graduation can include not only the solemn part, but also dances until you drop all night, and the meeting of dawn. It is unlikely that anyone will want to spend this unforgettable evening, thinking only about tired legs, calluses, and in the worst case, even injuries.

Someone buys two pairs of shoes : the more elegant for the solemn part and the more comfortable for the informal.

Sometimes for these purposes even two dresses are purchased. Thus, two completely different images are created. However, they can overlap with each other, for example, in the texture of the fabric and / or in the color scheme.

However, a more economical option is to buy universal shoes that will be both beautiful and comfortable. Fortunately, the fashion trends of 2019 allow us to do this.

ATTENTION! We recommend distributing shoes at home after purchase to avoid unpleasant surprises at the prom.

What models of women's shoes to choose for graduation-2019

Classic Heels

For the solemn part, a classic that will never become obsolete is suitable - pumps, combining with almost any way. For example, the option below is perfect for a short along with neutral shades, without attracting attention (thus providing an emphasis on the dress itself) and visually lengthening the leg.

Open heel

If you want to shift the emphasis on shoes, designers offer just such a striking option with a cutout on the back.

On the platform

However, high heel shoes do not mean that the graduate will have to say goodbye to comfort for the whole evening. Shoes on the platform gives the foot a more natural position, while the girl will seem taller.

Wedge heels

If you prefer a lighter and more fresh look to classics and elegance, for example, a cocktail dress with a full skirt, wedge shoes are well suited for it.

With strap

Shoes with straps are now at the height of fashion. However, it requires compliance with several important rules.

Important! This model does not fit with dresses below the knee, as the strap visually shortens the legs.

For the same reason, it is contraindicated in girls with full legs or wide ankles.

Ballet shoes

Usually associated with casual shoes. And not always graduates pay attention to them in preparation for the holiday. But in vain! By 2019, designers have released many charming models decorated with rhinestones and other decorative elements, in which, in addition, you can dance the night away.

Open sandals

Since graduations take place in the summer, open sandals, winning against boats in which feet can become hot, have become a new classic.

IMPORTANT! Despite the seeming universality of sandals, they still can not be combined with dresses made of brocade, velvet and other heavy fabrics.

Perhaps the most unusual of the graduation models is the so-called “Roman sandals”. They are distinguished by long straps that are wound around the leg almost to the knee.

Of course, they are very convenient. However, they are only suitable for creating the image of the Greek goddess in combination with the corresponding dress and accessories . In any other cases, they will look too simple.

Men's prom shoes 2019

Do not forget about the male half of graduates.

Discreet and elegant classic

Of course, first of all, it’s worth mentioning again about the classics, combined with any official costumes. These are shoes, leather or suede, black or dark brown, with or without lacing.


More original models, however remaining within the classics, are oxfords.

Multi-colored models

Sociable and funny guys who prefer to be at the prom in the center of events can choose a classic suit for themselves in combination with unusual shoes in bright colors.

Comfortable and beautiful shoes for a fun holiday!