What a self-respecting woman will not wear

Respect for other people's woman is the result of her respect for herself. When making these or those decisions, she either says: “Yes, I am a valuable person for myself”, or considers others (her husband, children, colleagues, and in especially neglected cases, even just acquaintances) more important than herself.

Sometimes disrespect for oneself begins with trifles, it can be disguised as love, a certain sacrifice in favor of others. To put the interests of other people above their actual needs - this is especially common in women. However, what starts small, tends to gradually develop to the scale of a disaster - when literally on the wreckage of life, all for whom the victims were victims will say in chorus: “But we did not ask for it!”

How is self-respect or non-self-respect shown?

Disrespect for how a woman looks is always a compromise within. A woman perfectly feels the result of this - her insecurity, even if she does not admit herself to it to the end. This affects posture, movement and gait, in look and voice. Insecurity and inner tension imperceptibly poison life, because those around it unknowingly read this information and now relate to a woman exactly the same as she relates to herself.

Yes, external untidiness and disharmony unconsciously push away, but the mechanism works in the other direction - when a woman knows that she gives her confidence and value in her eyes and uses it skillfully, then the attitude of those around her changes.

You can hear that clothes are just clothes. Like, called to warm and protect, why go in cycles? Then, by the same logic, you can put a basin on your head during rain - it performs the same functions as an umbrella. However, we do not. No one does. There is nothing wrong with using clothes to transmit your value to the world.

The times when it was safer not to stand out were long gone, and the saying "meet by clothes ..." will always be relevant.

What is unacceptable in clothes that respect a woman?

Crumpled clothes

Crumpled clothes spoil the look and negate all efforts (if they were) - the woman looks messy. No matter how carefully the wardrobe was thought out before buying, regardless of the price and quality of fabrics. The slight negligence that can be seen in the photos of some celebrities can be misleading - but you need to understand that this pseudo-sloppiness is thought out by a team of competent stylists and is part of the image.

Tights with hooks

The arrows, puffs, hooks on tights and stockings are also unacceptable in the wardrobe of a self-respecting woman. Hooks are potential holes or arrows, they are like a time bomb - you don’t know when this will happen, but you definitely know what at the most inopportune moment.

Tights or stockings with clues give the woman a “cheap price, ” no matter how expensive her shoes, dress, and accessories are.

Scuff and Scratch Bag

A bag is an important accessory that can tell a lot about its owner. A worn-out, seen bag with peeling handles, scratches or scuffs is unacceptable in the image of a woman who knows her worth. No matter how convenient this bag is, you have to part with it.

Out of Size Things

Speaking of things not in size, first of all, things that are small to their owners are presented. However, things larger than necessary are able to spoil the impression no less. This happens, for example, if a woman in the process of losing weight postpones changing her wardrobe until she reaches the cherished figures. Meanwhile, old clothes are hanging on her, like on a garden scarecrow, and this is noticeable to everyone around. Therefore, when choosing a size, you need some courage and a cold mind - so as not to flatter yourself, but at the same time to appreciate it.

Defiant clothing

Excessive transparency, too tight-fitting things, deep cuts “on the edge” will say more about a woman than we would like. In the Consciousness of many men, the “accessibility” light comes on. Such clothing attracts attention even in situations where it is inappropriate, so it is better to avoid it.

Shoes with worn-out heels and socks

In addition to the fact that it looks untidy, it can also affect posture, gait, and cause discomfort from movements. If you can put the shoes in order at the master - it is important to do this in a timely manner. If not already - you need to throw it away, even if you and this pair of shoes are bound by the warmest memories.

Stretched knitwear

Putting on stretched knitwear, a woman looks in most cases shapeless. Thin knitwear is a fabric that must be used very carefully in the wardrobe, otherwise there is a risk of looking messy and untidy. Instead of knitted blouses, it is worth giving preference to blouses made of silk, chiffon or viscose, and dresses should be made of high-quality fabrics that can keep their shape, hide imperfections and emphasize advantages.

Outerwear with fallen down fur

Sometimes the fur on outerwear, under the influence of precipitation or improper storage in the warm season, can fall down. In most cases, it can be reanimated with a special comb, and then the clothes will again be like new. If it is impossible to fluff the fur or replace it with a new one, one should say goodbye to such clothes without regret.

Clothing not by age

A woman dressed not by age looks pitiful. Inappropriate things, overly explicit dress length, makeup and even a hairstyle give out internal conflict and lack of harmony. People around, looking at such a woman, most often experience bewilderment or even pity.

The older the woman, the less appropriate the sexual component in her wardrobe, designed to draw the attention of others.

Clogged jewelry, unpeeled jewelry

The ability to choose jewelry and accessories is not necessarily a talent, it is a desire to understand this plus practice. Like nowhere, the concept of “measure” is important here, and the saying “better is less, but better” is just about that. Clogged jewelry made of cheap plastic that changed its color steel, gold jewelry, covered with a touch of daily wear and lost their luster, so needing to be cleaned - no and no again. The lack of jewelry is usually imperceptible, but their poor quality is striking.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated in these details, which should simply be paid attention. Love yourself, respect yourself and others will feel the same for you!