What is the secret of David Beckham's style

A talented person is talented in everything. And even if professional life began with football, talent will find its way in any business. The perfect example is David Beckham, a famous British footballer.

David Beckham as an icon of male style

Today, in addition to recognizing his many merits and regalia, David is considered the model of men's fashion and style. And more recently, he has a unique purpose: to popularize British fashion. This post of President of the British Fashion Council, Beckham, with its impeccable taste, received in vain. His style cannot be called a single word. The images vary depending on the situation, place and even David’s mood. From the perfect classic suit with a great woolen coat to a relaxed casual in jeans, plaid shirt and sneakers. In any case, our standard looks flawless and elegant.


  • Football Star Style Secrets
  • Impeccable costumes
  • Interesting hairstyles
  • Hats
  • Layered outfits
  • Love for a classic coat
  • Tattoos ... many tattoos
  • Not without a wife

Football Star Style Secrets

Can you say that Beckham has secrets? Perhaps, but as David himself says: he does not think what to wear, but simply puts on what he will be comfortable with. And all the secrets can be seen in his endless exquisite outfits.

INTERESTING. The football star creates its various images, almost without resorting to the services of stylists.

Impeccable costumes

One of Beckham's secrets lies in his perfect figure. And when you're over forty years old, it deserves praise. Therefore, the choice of classic costumes he has exclusively on the figure, which is worth demonstrating in all its glory.

Most often, a football player chooses a black suit or dark blue, less often - of other colors, but in any outfit he looks tastefully like "from the needle." No baggy, all fitted: both a shirt and a jacket. All components of the onion are perfectly matched and tasteful, including accessories. For more informal meetings, the jacket is replaced by a pullover.

Interesting hairstyles

Over the years, David has been experimenting with his hairstyles. And even the rim in the form of a spring has become popular among men thanks to an extraordinary footballer. There were pigtails, tails and just long hair. He managed to visit brown-haired and blond, even bald. Last year, he wore bridged hair pulled together in a bun. And today it is an elegant gray hair and a careless hairstyle in the style of “undercut”.


David just loves hats, and there is an entertaining photo where he walks in a knitted hat and holds a cap in his hands. And there was even a scandal with the coach due to the fact that David refused to take off his hat at the team dinner. A knitted hat in combination with a T-shirt is practically an association with the image of Beckham. His love for hats is surprising. There is a bandana, knitted bean and bushes, caps and caps, baseball caps and hats.

Layered outfits

In the cold season, David is not against multilayer images. He does not hesitate to dress himself in several T-shirts, and also wear a parka on his jacket. And at the same time, as always, look stylish.

Love for a classic coat

Like a true British, Beckham loves a classic woolen coat. In most cases, he has thin and single-breasted coats, which he puts on in any way, be it a classic suit or sweatpants with a T-shirt and sneakers.

Tattoos ... many tattoos

Tattoos have become an integral part of the image of David. Their approximate number is 17, on various topics. It was Beckham who promoted football fashion to the "sleeves" of tattoos. Today, among football players, this is practically a mandatory entourage of the profession.

Not without a wife

David is also a standard in his feelings for his wife Victoria. Not without her participation, the taste and appearance of the athlete was formed.

Victoria herself is a successful modern designer. She was honored to be awarded the Order and Honorary title of an officer of the British Empire for her services in the field of British fashion.

She has her own brand Victoria Beckham. In addition, Victoria owns the second line of the Victoria by Victoria Beckham brand. The brand has been around for 10 years, development began with the presentation of the Victoria Beckham Collection evening dress collection. And even earlier, together with David, they launched a brand that produced perfumes, lingerie and jeans. When a couple appears in public, the effect of an impeccable standard of taste, no doubt, doubles.

INTERESTING! David and his wife attend fashion shows at which he does not hide his genuine interest and participation.

It turns out that not only women want to be fashionable and stylish. Football star David Beckham is a vivid example of how you can be a stylish man so that it looks natural and laid-back.