What is pronation in sneakers

Each person approaches the choice of sports shoes with special care. There are many parameters that must be followed in order to make the right choice. This includes pronation - an indispensable element in the selection of sneakers.

What is pronation in sneakers

When buying sports shoes, consumers are guided by personal parameters (weight, foot size) and the activities of sports exercises. Many people forget about such a thing as “pronation”. Pronation is the natural position of the foot when it tumbles inward when moving.

During the movement, the foot takes a special position in order to comfortably distribute the load and avoid possible injuries. With the wrong load distribution and the wrong choice of sneakers during sports, especially jogging, you can encounter damage to the muscles or ligaments of the foot. This will be caused by ineffective shock absorption.

Reference! Many mistakenly confuse this concept with “supination”, which contributes to the active phase of the push.

Types and types of pronation

Pronation, like many concepts, has several varieties. They directly affect the load when walking or running, physical sensations and the proper selection of shoes. Specialists distinguish three types:

  • Hyperpronation is characterized by a significant decrease in the arch of the feet. With active physical exertion, the risk of injury increases, since the ligaments are constantly in a tense position and strong tension. An increase in the load on the knees and spinal muscles leads to the development of flat feet;
  • Hypopronization is the opposite of the type described above. It is characteristic with insufficient deflection of the feet when walking. As a result, the risk of possible damage and personal injury increases. When moving the kneecaps stand out significantly forward, and the socks are brought together;
  • Neutral pronation refers to the natural position of the foot when practicing jogging or walking.

Each type is characterized by its own characteristics. Therefore, the purchase of shoes should be approached with particular care. A correctly selected pair of sneakers will help to adjust the height of the foot and the level of depreciation, which will avoid possible damage.

Reference! Many manufacturers produce special orthopedic insoles that will adjust the capabilities of the feet and make sports more comfortable.

How to choose the right sneakers

A few additional recommendations will help when buying a sports pair:

  • When buying, you should focus on a variety of sports exercises for which products are selected. For example, weights are suitable for weightlifting, and for gymnastics - special models of sneakers for cross-fit;
  • When choosing should take into account the features of pronation. For a different type, a special model is designed, which is distinguished by its rise, protrusions and fit to the feet;
  • Pay special attention to the sole: it should be quite firm and rigid. With active physical exertion, it will help maintain the position of the body and prevent possible sliding on the surface. When running, the sole will evenly distribute the load between the feet, lower leg and knees, which will help avoid possible injuries;
  • A snug fit to the feet is one of the main points. When using sneakers should securely fit the leg. If during the movement the leg dangles in shoes, sneakers crush or press in the area of ​​the fingers (heels), you should refuse to purchase and look for a more optimal and suitable option;
  • Particular attention should be paid to the mounts, as they are also of great importance. It is important that the laces are firmly held, not untied when exercising or walking, as this can lead to bruises. When buying a product with elastic bands, make sure that the mount does not squeeze the leg. This can lead to circulatory disorders.

Good quality shoes are necessary for every person, regardless of gender and age. Sneakers, selected in accordance with the personal parameters of the body and pronation, will become a faithful assistant in sports and everyday use.