What is a portfolio?

Since time immemorial, mankind has had a need to carry things. The first semblance of a document bag appeared in Rome before our era.

What is a briefcase?

This is a rectangular bag with a clasp or zipper with a handle for carrying documents, books and notebooks. Usually it is made of leather or synthetics, it happens on a long belt or on straps, with metal legs, a modern portfolio can fit a laptop. In colloquial language, the word can be used to denote a student’s wound.

Meaning of the word

The term is derived from the French words porter (worn) and feuille (leaf). Currently, the concept is quite broad and can be used both to designate things and for the totality of powers or a complex of assets of a subject of the economy.

Fashion accessory

A portfolio is an important element of a business style. Properly selected in color and quality of the material, it will both emphasize the laconicism of the image, and will help to keep the paper in perfect condition. The size of the bag should be such that it included sheets of A4 format, since the documents do not allow folding or folding.

An important quality is functionality. A good model has several interior compartments with numerous pockets. Design options are different. For women, the bag has a slightly smaller size and a compartment for cosmetics.

The image of a business person can be perfectly emphasized by a portfolio of genuine leather, although now there are more affordable models made of faux leather or synthetic materials . Color for men is most appropriate black or gray. With a competent combination with clothes and shoes, women can experiment with burgundy, brown or pastel shades.


The briefcase for going to school is a bag with a handle and rigid walls. Currently, this model is not relevant for an educational institution, since the weight is not distributed evenly. The child carries it in one hand, which negatively affects the posture and over time can lead to scoliosis.

If the portfolio has straps - this is a satchel, it is specially created for the harmonious development of the child. You can call it an ideal model for the student: it prevents the development of scoliosis and due to the solid case it reliably protects educational supplies.

Investment attribute

It is a combination of deposits in securities and other assets with the aim of making a profit and minimizing losses . Financial instruments are owned and managed by one investor. We can distinguish the types of investment portfolios:

  • aggressive investor - is aimed at obtaining high income with significant risk;
  • conservative investor - involves the receipt of income from reliable securities with minimal risk, but indefinite;
  • moderate investor - the average income from securities of reliable issuers with long-term capital investment and moderate risk;
  • ineffective investor - characterized by a low level of both risk and income with randomly selected securities.

Management post

Portfolio allocation implies the appointment and transfer of the appropriate package of documents. In a constitutional state, the term “ministerial portfolio” is often used . A minister without a portfolio is a member of the cabinet who does not manage the ministry, but has the right to vote on an equal basis with others.

More values

The word portfolio can be used to mean:

  • orders to the enterprise;
  • large wallet;
  • set of parameters showing the direction and scope of the enterprise;
  • manuscripts submitted to the publisher.