What points got into antitrends this season

Stylish sunglasses are an accessory that no fashionable summer look can do without. They are especially relevant with the advent of hot days and bright sun. However, not all glasses perfectly complement the selected bow. Some models have long gone out of fashion and are considered anti-trend . Applying them in your image, you can easily negate all the efforts made to create a stylish set.

Sunglasses that will make you old fashioned

It is no secret that sunglasses can significantly affect the image and modify the face of a woman who knows how to correctly select this accessory for the selected set. It is also important to pay attention not only to the type of person, but also to fashion trends. And they have changed too rapidly in recent years.

In the summer 2019 season, several models became antitrend among sunglasses.


Mini-glasses, which gained unprecedented popularity last season, today you will not see on any famous person.

Small lenses and a microscopic frame with thin arches are no longer fashionable today. On the contrary, stylists suggest replacing them with monumental models. For example, to buy a mask, she is in trend today.


We know them as a necessary attribute of the image of John Lennon or Gregory Leps.

This model really had a lot of fans last season. But today the fashion for the 60-70s of the last century is passing. And with it, round glasses go into oblivion. Try to find a worthy replacement among the trends of 2019!


The trapezoidal frame, made in the classical style, is no longer relevant today . Lovers of ageless classics will have to pick up a few other accessories that will correspond to modern style trends.

The stylists considered this model too boring and not suitable for the laconic outfits of the season .

Frames with patterns

In the summer 2019 season, ornaments can only be present on clothes, and only in small quantities.

Laconicism is in fashion! Therefore, the patterned temples of sunglasses and ornate romantic frames are better to postpone to a new round of fashion. Perhaps he will someday come for this instance ...

Cat's Eye

Trendy at one time horizontally elongated glasses today are considered an antitrend. Deliberate sexuality and eye-catching looks are not relevant today.

Therefore, Dita von Teese and Nastya Ivleeva, who are ardent admirers of this style, will have to pick up accessories in a different style.

Important! Despite constantly changing directions and fashion trends, every woman should take into account which glasses are suitable for her face, emphasize all the advantages, carefully hiding the flaws.

If you do not want to part with your favorite style and it fits your face perfectly, feel free to wear, regardless of fashion. After all, all women are individual! And even the anti-trend can be beaten so that it will look like the most stylish thing in the whole image.

How to replace outdated glasses?

Now let's talk about how you can replace the retired popular models.

There are a lot of fashionable options this season . Any fashionista will be able to choose for herself exactly the option that will make her face as attractive as possible.

Wide rectangular frame with translucent glass

Glasses in the style of the late 90s of the last century - the very thing for real fashionistas! Today it is one of the most popular summer fashion trends of 2019 .


A unique form of glasses that fits literally everything !

By choosing this model, you can look perfect on the beach. Glasses are successfully combined with a light sundress and a straw hat. You can also feel comfortable in the city by creating a light sporty look with a baseball cap.

Mask glasses

Many brands have made this form of sunglasses their chip this season.

They are able to hide most of the face from harmful ultraviolet radiation. And also perfectly combined with most images, transforming even the most boring of them .

White rim

We are inspired by the images of Audrey Hepburn, who was an ardent fan of this style of glasses! Fashionable jackets and dresses in vintage style will be a great company for them.

Important! The white rim is timeless. It is better to pay attention to the classic oval or rectangular shape. Such glasses will always be relevant, regardless of fashion trends.

Glasses from the sun should emphasize the shape of the face, adjust it if necessary and attract the attention of others. Take on new fashion trends and current trends, going to the store to buy this stylish summer accessory.