What is a piercing?

Many have heard about piercings, but for most piercings are an earring in the nose or navel.

In fact, there are several types of piercing jewelry, and sometimes piercing places are unexpected. Each type of jewelry has its own name and is intended for a specific puncture site.

Decoration piercing - what is it

Jewelry for piercing is a kind of catkins of an unusual style, design. They are made of hypoallergenic materials. This promotes rapid healing and reduces the risk of inflammation or rejection.

Sometimes they are made of wood or bone, but gold, silver and other high-quality metals are preferable.

They are performed in different sizes and weights, this allows you to choose its option for an individual. After all, the anatomy of all is different and, say, the nasal septum is different in thickness. Just like tongue, lip or nipples.

IMPORTANT! The size and weight of the jewelry for piercing is selected individually. If you do not observe the anatomical features, the wound can heal for a long time or be permanently injured, and because of this there is a risk of infection.

What are

There are 11 types of piercing jewelry in total:

  • the rod is a straight metal strip with thread on the ends. The thread is inside the rod and balls, spikes or cones are wound around it. Suitable for septum, tongue, cheeks, genitals;
  • banana - the same bar, only curved in the shape of a banana. Used for eyebrows, belly button, lips, intimate piercing, nipples. Made from titanium, steel, black steel, gold and bioplast;
  • labret - resembles a barbell, only on one side it has a flat disk, and an ornament is wound on the other end - a stone, a ball and another. Designed for earlobes, cartilage, lips, cheeks;

REFERENCE! There is also a micro-labret - used for the nose, ear cartilage and urine. The shape is the same as that of an ordinary labret, only in size much smaller and the base is thinner.

  • nostril - a round pin, on one side a decoration is fixed. Designed for nose wings. The end that is inserted into the nose is bent in the shape of a hook for attaching. Made of steel, gold, black titanium;
  • a spiral is a coil of spring; it is in 1, 2 or 4 turns, stones or other decorations are attached to the ends. Suitable for nipples, eyebrows, ears, lips, navel and nose. It is made of white or black steel and titanium;

IMPORTANT! A spiral or twister can be worn only in healed punctures - from 3 months.

  • brought - a banana, only on one end is not a ball or pebbles, but a figured ornament - a flower, a cross, a skull and another. Designed exclusively for the navel, but in some cases they are used as ordinary earrings for earlobes;
  • Fang - performed in the form of a cone twisted into a spiral. Used for wide channels or their expansion. Most often made from organic materials, sometimes from acrylic or metal;
  • circular - a crescent at the ends of which spikes, balls or other decorations are wound. It is made of steel, titanium, gold. Used for piercing lips, nipples, nose, eyebrows, belly button or intimate area;
  • a ring is not a solid ring; in place of a space a ball, pebble or other decor is attached. Suitable for ears, lips, nipples, intimate piercing, tongue.