What is an oversized coat?

Overseas comes to the rescue when you want to not restrict the movements of comfort. Sometimes this style is called a parody of good taste, but it doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying its advantages, among which there is also a lack of attachment to current fashion trends. He conquered freedom-loving hearts in the last century and still lives there.

Oversize coat - description

Outerwear with a zipper or buttons, with a lush collar or hood, classic or ultramodern cut - oversize knows no bounds.

SHOULD KNOW. A coat can be of almost any style, the main thing is that it be large. Minimum size, but better by 2-3. You can even more, overdoing it is difficult.

But in order to look really stylish, you should pay attention to the models created especially for fans of this trend.

Distinctive features

This style implies broad shoulders, baggy and laconic cut. The image is complemented by deep patch pockets, a voluminous collar and wide lapels, a straight wide sleeve. The main emphasis is on the size and shape of the coat or its elements.

TIP. When choosing a coat, it is important to pay attention to the following paradox: in oversize, minimalism regarding the number of accents is welcomed.

Wide lapels and voluminous pockets look better with the relatively familiar coat sizes. Hanging shoulders do not go well with excessively loose floors. The presence of fur trim on pockets and on the collar is considered bad form.

Model Benefits

A large coat is comfort, freedom of movement and a clear sign of originality. Overseas draws attention from the girl’s figure, adding romantic or brutal notes to her image. Coarse negligence emphasizes fragility and grace, perfectly concealing flaws and highlighting advantages. The main thing is to choose the right coat and remember the golden rule: oversize does not tolerate competition. If outerwear in this style is chosen, then everything else should be of a normal size or, even better, tight-fitting.

Who is suitable for

It is difficult to find a style more democratic than this. He does not know the age limits, restrictions on the type of figure or height. He looks equally stylish on a teenager as well as on a lady who knows the taste of life. Overseas is able to present a magnificent figure in a favorable light or add charm to girls in position. But in order not to cross the fine line between grace and negligence, it is worth paying attention to the following:

  • tall and slender are not limited by anything, absolutely any style will suit them;
  • girls with curvaceous forms are better to pay attention to the cocoon;
  • with low growth, short models with shoulders corresponding to the actual size are preferable;
  • mature ladies look great in light coats of a classic style.

IMPORTANT Dark tones are preferable for young and high. Pastel and bright colors look good with low growth.

What styles are

One of the most versatile is a double-breasted coat with a classic straight cut. When it is buttoned, it looks very serious, since the proportions are balanced by voluminous shoulders. But the unbuttoned coat takes on the trapezoidal features, which makes the image coquettish and slightly jolly.

The next most popular style is narrowed downward, visually resembling a cocoon. Looking at the model with short sleeves and supplementing it with long gloves, you can create an elegant, extravagant and not devoid of romance image.

Models with a hood will be appreciated by adherents of functionality and practicality. This version is usually not long, but in combination with fitted jeans and high heels, it looks luxurious on absolutely everyone, regardless of age and physique.

For those who are self-confident, a super-long coat is ideal. It should not just cover the bone, but in the literal sense of the word go to the floor. The only negative is that such oversize is not suitable for everyday wear.

A stylish and elegant knitted model of a simple cut and with a minimal finish is a universal wardrobe item. This coat is combined with any clothes. Moreover, it is possible to choose a winter or summer version and maintain the charm of the image, regardless of the time of year.