What not to wear at the graduation dress code

The approaching graduation party is always exciting and a little puzzling. What to choose as an outfit, which style to prefer? I want to look “one hundred percent”, to be unlike anyone, to conquer my chosen one and surprise my friends. How many things flash in your head when you are preparing for the first ball! If you make a mistake and choose the wrong outfit, the holiday can be ruined!

What should be the "perfect" dress

After listening to everyone who has already experienced graduation, take a short break. Now it’s your turn to choose a dress by color, length, style and figure, find an outfit that reflects your own “I”, emphasizes advantages, hiding flaws. It is best to combine a more formal outfit for the formal part with a beautiful dress for the evening .

It should look good in daylight, in the soft evening twilight, and when the electricity is on. And at the same time not to hamper the movements, in harmony with the plastic girl.

IMPORTANT! The material from which the outfit is sewn should ideally match individual characteristics. It should not cause unpleasant tactile sensations, as well as wrinkle. A little synthetics in the fabric will help the dress maintain its original appearance.

What to avoid in holiday attire

An outfit that takes into account the mistakes of past graduates and the advice of stylists will help you not to be disappointed and enjoy the holiday.

Shapes and models that are not suitable for graduation

  • The romantic style of classic dresses for balls and pastimes of the last century is very attractive. A magnificent bottom, a narrow corset, a neckline are a great choice. But a little practicality doesn’t hurt. After all, subsequently such an outfit will have nowhere to put on . And to wear such a dress, you need to rehearse more than once or twice.

  • The dress-cake model makes you keep a sufficient distance, somewhat limits mobility, requires a certain “approach”.

  • The guipure looks "heavy . " It is better to refuse it, as well as large peas . He looks too simple.

  • The maximum length of a ball gown may also be inconvenient for those who usually prefer mini or tight jeans.

  • It’s easy to choose your length. Just do not get too naked, even with a desire to demonstrate the beauty of the legs, back, neckline, otherwise the outfit will more likely resemble a disco, "beach" or not quite decent option. Your graduation party has slightly different goals. Is not it?

Important! An ideal option is a cocktail dress. They were specially invented for events such as prom.

What colors are better not to choose

By graduation, the girls already know which colors are suitable for them and which are not.

  • Many look wonderful models of solemn black, rich dark blue and gray, deep brown and beige, poisonous green colors . They are great for a different reason, but not now.

Important! Graduation is a celebration of youth, freshness, expectation of happiness. And pastel colors again at the height of fashion. Pinkish, bluish, gently light green fabrics are ideal for cocktail dresses made of chiffon.

  • Red is always in fashion. That's just for the graduation, not every shade is suitable, and the red color is not for every figure .
  • The strip is now in fashion. Great if this option suits you. Just do not get carried away by clear and contrasting lines - they are for everyday style . For the graduation party, smooth, blurry tint stripes on silk fabric are what you need.

What kind of jewelry is better not to wear on graduation

It is better to choose jewelry after purchasing a dress. When fantasizing about this topic, do not forget about simple rules.

  • Do not burden your image with lots of jewelry . Excessiveness in this case will only hurt. A lot of bulky jewelry will greatly damage the young housewife. Only one, a maximum of two jewelry will look advantageous, the rest will only violate the general style.

Important! A well-chosen set (earrings or clips, a chain with or without a pendant, possibly a bracelet) should only emphasize the outfit favorably, and not overshadow it.

  • Refuse massive "grandmother" jewelry . Youth is the time for light and stylish jewelry and elegant items made of gold and silver.
  • Refuse short earrings if the dress is on the floor .
  • Set aside jewelry that does not match the color of the dress .

What mistakes do young men need to avoid

Speaking about graduation, one cannot but emphasize its importance for young people. Their hopes and aspirations also deserve due attention. The image created at the graduation party becomes the hallmark of a person starting an adult life, and also remains in the memory of classmates for a long time.

  • Eliminate the black color of the suit, shirt and socks. It’s too solemn to have fun in this.
  • Graduation is not a beach party. Silly short pants, shorts, T-shirts look.

  • Often, graduates feel like dressing in a linen or cotton suit. This is understandable: it's hot. However, do not do this. The reason for the ban is that the costume will lose its appearance in an hour or two . It’s better to just take off your jacket after the solemn part.
  • Sandals on bare feet, sneakers are also not good . Pick up not too expensive, but comfortable classic shoes for dancing and walking.