What is the name of the stocking belt?

In the thirties of the last century, women's wardrobe could not be imagined without this feminine detail of clothing. When tights and more practical things replaced the stocking, the need for a belt disappeared. Erotic garter, mesmerizing men's looks, still finds a place in the clothes of modern women. What is it called and how to apply it correctly, read on.

The name of the belt for stockings

A belt for stockings appeared in the Middle Ages, in those days it was equally popular with both women and men. Highways were attached to it - inelastic stockings made of linen fabric. On their own, the bosses did not stay on the body, they had to be tied to a belt.

Today, a garter is an exclusively feminine attribute that gives sexuality to underwear and attached stockings . Such an element of the wardrobe is not only of practical importance, but also used as a fetish, attracting attention, emphasizing the sexuality of its owner.

Purpose of accessory

Garter is not only of practical importance, but also psychologically positively affects its owner. What are the benefits of wearing such a piece of clothing?

Convenience lies in the fact that wearing this thing eliminates the need to repeatedly remove and wear them during the day every time you visit the toilet . As a result, stockings are less likely to wear and last longer than tights of the same quality.

Stockings and a belt for them do not have seams protruding under the clothes, therefore they are invisible under any, even tight-fitting, clothes.

Like any beautiful underwear, stockings with a belt will certainly raise the mood of a woman, increase her self-esteem, give a feeling of desire and sexual confidence. Even when they are completely invisible to others.

Types of stocking belts

  1. The classic version. It has a high landing and 4 straps for attaching stockings. It will look perfect on any figure and hold jerseys securely. Materials for the manufacture can be different, there are also a lot of colors.
  2. The corset belt is aimed at making the figure of the lady more slender in the area of ​​the sides. Such a belt has built-in bones and is made of high-density fabric; it can be equipped with lacing, hooks, and loops, allowing you to customize it to an individual size . Distinguish high corsets and low.
  3. A high corset remarkably hides the fullness of the abdomen and sides, begins under the chest, reaches the line of the hips. Low starts from the waist and ends also on the hips. It is more versatile and looks good on a slim and full figure, helping to adjust the waistline.
  4. The tightening belt performs all the same functions as any corrective underwear. The type of such a belt can be selected, given the problem that is desirable. A short one will perfectly hide a bulging belly, and a long one - for problematic legs and buttocks. Different degrees of correction (strong, medium, minimal) allow you to take into account the individual characteristics of the figure.
  5. With wide straps designed for daily wear. Maximum comfort is achieved by the fact that the straps are evenly stretched, do not rub the skin, do not bite into the leg in a sitting position. Shoulder straps have reliable fasteners in the form of clips.
  6. The option with satin ribbons is needed if the stockings have garters instead of clips. The most romantic option, if desired, ribbons can be turned into elegant bows.
  7. With tucks made of metal, purchased for frequent use. The metal may have a paint coating. Reliable metal clips will last a long time and will not fail in any unforeseen situations, holding stockings tightly.
  8. The eight-clip belt will be the most reliable holder of stockings, this is suitable for the most active girls who have to move a lot during the day. The more fasteners, the stronger the knitted product is held, the belt itself sits more densely on the body .

Important! When choosing a color, you need to focus on the color scheme of underwear. Ideal if they match. A difference of several tones is acceptable. The main rule is that the differences should not be noticeable. It is recommended to choose underwear for your existing belt, and not vice versa . Before buying, it is worth evaluating the clothes under which this accessory will be worn, preferably a match in the color scheme.

How to choose the right size?

Typically, the size of the belt for stockings is the same as that of pantyhose or panties. If possible, measure the purchase, it is advisable to do this - especially if the model is corset. To try on such a wardrobe detail, you need to check the fastenings, put on the waist, fasten.

The number of fasteners should be the same on the front and back. Then, after putting on stockings, attach them to the belt, adjust the length of the pendants without twisting. It is advisable to monitor whether the kit fits snugly against the body, does not twist, does not bulge?

After reviewing the information, you can go for the acquisition of this amazing accessory that can add any lady of romance and femininity.