What is the name of the narrow tablecloth?

When making a festive feast, it is very important not only to decide on the menu and cutlery, but also to pay maximum attention to the textiles involved in the design.

Stylishly emphasize the texture of the table, highlighting the zones of its surface, you can use the runner.

Often, this type of textile is also called a tablecloth-runner.

Table Decoration - Runner

It is customary to call a runner a variety of narrow naperon (top cover that protects the main tablecloth from stains and abrasion), covering the surface of the dining table.

Quite often, this type of tablecloth is used when decorating wedding tables, both in a restaurant and in nature.

It looks very impressive and solemn.

Reference! In most cases, it is customary to put main dishes, fruit plates and bouquets of flowers on such a tablecloth.

Types and materials

There are various types of runners. They can be either narrow or wide, with a long or short overhang, simple or unusual shape.

According to the material of manufacture, these tablecloths can also differ significantly.

Most often you can find these types of runners:

  • from fabric (plain, textured or with print);
  • burlap (sometimes in combination with lace);
  • from lace (a great option for a classic wedding);
  • from ribbons of different colors, widths, styles and textures (to create a more "voluminous" decor);
  • from paper (the most budget option);
  • from a tree (a good choice for a wedding in a rustic style);
  • in a glamorous style (from fabrics with sequins, sequins and beads).

Decor Options

The runner can be placed along the table, diagonally or across. The latter option allows you to create the effect of "dialogue" between people.

If the table has a beautiful wooden tabletop or elegant carved legs, such a path will look great even without the main tablecloth.

The table can be set either with one common slider in the middle so that its width is enough for all the seats, or separate (one for every two seats that are opposite each other).

Advice! When the colors of the main tablecloth and runner contrast with each other, it looks very impressive.

The most recommended size of the slider is 38-45 cm. Its length should correspond to the length of the main tablecloth or the length of the table.

A skillfully selected runner can turn even the most ordinary tea party into a small holiday.