What is the name of the men's bag

For a modern man, a bag is a necessary accessory. In this article, you will learn about three types of product data. The features of each name must be taken into account in order to choose the right wardrobe element. In this case, he will not only benefit, but also fit into a stylish image.

We will understand the name of the men's bag of different types.

Classic hand-held options

REFERENCE. The first descriptions of men's bags are found in Roman sources from the 1st century. ad.

  • Briefcase - a storage for papers. Emphasizes the high status of the owner . To face respectable, responsible leaders. No wonder “handing out portfolios” means sharing ministerial posts. Corresponds to the image of an academician, director, civil servant.

  • A case or diplomat is a safe for secret encryption. A business, elegant suitcase gives out a purposeful person. Need at symposia, forums, congresses . He is chosen by party and public figures, authoritative lecturers.

  • Folder - originally a cardboard cover for books . Elegant, light, often leather, it serves for storage, delivery of thanks, letters. The humble, with a worthy reputation as specialists, merit, appreciation, praise is always at hand.

  • Bag - travel baggage with locks, clasps . The internal volume acts as a baggage carrier. Used by American businessmen in the 19th century. In the 21st century, together with high-quality shoes, a fashion watch, a suit of a famous brand, it complements the image of a respectable traveler.

  • Portpled is a special cover for transporting clothes, shoes, bedding . Convenient protection of things from dirt, dust. Do not make the groom worry about the appearance and safety of an expensive suit. An indispensable case if there is a festive event away from home.

  • Wallet - a brutal reticule . Inside, everyday little things are stored: keys, documents from the car, smartphone. Deserves the attention of mature, self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

  • A purse is a small wallet . The best option for money, business cards, plastic cards. There are double and triple addition. Use daily. Emphasizes personality.

IMPORTANT! The quality of the accessory material is a guarantee of the durability of things. A well-known brand is its business card.

Fashion accessories over the shoulder

This group of products became especially popular at the end of the twentieth century.

  • Messenger (postman) - a container for correspondence, abstracts, textbooks . The belt allows you to not feel the weight. The flap valve is practical. Particularly popular among young people, students.

  • The tablet as a military equipment was intended for tactical drawings . Ergonomics proven historically in the field. Universities prefer teachers, doctors, lawyers after officers.

  • Mobile office is the home of a laptop computer . It has functional details: pocket of other digital devices, organizer, power supply compartment. Protects laptop from shock. This option is preferred by those who cannot imagine life and work without a knee pad.

IMPORTANT! Electronic assistants should be located in the pelvic area or slightly higher.

Special waist or shoulder bags

REFERENCE. The widespread use of such models began in the 17th century in European armies. They leave their hands free when attacking the enemy, when hiking in the mountains.

  • Holster - a cache for weapons . Basic requirements: strong fixation, the possibility of instant extraction. Investigators, military personnel, security guards, and security forces have the right to possess.

  • The backpack is a shoulder bag . Multifunctional, ideal for students and tourists.

You can use this information to select the specific model that will be needed in a particular situation.