What is the name of the dress in front of a short back long

For the first time, a cabaret dancer appeared in this outfit. It happened a few centuries ago. The attitude to the female body at that time was radically different, and therefore the dress shortened in front was considered an extremely vulgar wardrobe item. Today, on the contrary, he is perceived as something feminine and sweet.

What is the name of the dress with different hem lengths?

There are 2 equal names: cascading and mallet. The second word is most often used by people whose professional activities are related to the fashion world.

Important! A dress with a train and a mallet should be distinguished. The hem of the latter goes with a smooth wavy transition, but the latter does not have it. For a cascading silhouette, layering is mandatory, but a dress with a train can be tight-fitting single-layer and straight.

Short models of dresses short in front, long in back

The hem asymmetry does not have to be pronounced. A good example of this is mini dresses, in which the difference between the back and front is about 10 cm. Usually, such dresses have a tight top (sometimes a corset type), a fitted silhouette and a very wide skirt (a la fashion of the 50s.). Another option: a wraparound dressing gown with a fluffy cascading skirt made of thick and well-shaped fabric.

Important! In a canonical cascading dress, the back is required to reach the knee or fall below it, but now this rule is actively violated by designers.

Along with fitted models, free cut options are sewn. Common solutions:

  • A-silhouette;

  • shirt;
  • Empire
  • caftan;
  • Shift
  • Greek
  • baby dollars

Popular materials for such wardrobe items: satin, taffeta, lace, tulle. Possible cutout options: from the shoulder, Queen Anne, neckline with straps, u-shaped.

Long models - comfortable and practical

If short wardrobe items rarely have sleeves, then things knee-length and lower (we are talking about the front) can go with a similar detail cut. This feature will appeal to girls with large or muscular arms. They will be able to drape their peculiarity and focus the attention of others on the chest, waist or beautiful legs.

On a note! A wedding outfit of mallet style is a noteworthy option if you do not want to buy a typical princess dress. Both traditional satin floor models with a very long train are offered, as well as chiffon shortened multilayer ones - rather daring and unusual solutions.

Among the models with sleeves are the styles of the shirt cut that are relevant this season, as well as sweater dresses and t-shirt dresses. They look as democratic as possible. They are advised to wear coarse lace-up boots, socks, beanie hats and round hats.

Typical materials for long dresses: voile, moire, silk, chiffon, tulle, crepe georgette. Casual outfits are made of wool, lycra, denim, knitwear.