What is the name of the cowboy hat?

It is impossible to imagine a cowboy without a hat. Remember the films about the Wild West - everywhere, in every episode, the conquerors of the steppe expanses must be on a horse, in leather pants and an original brown headdress. So what is it called?

What is the name of a cowboy hat?

A wide-brimmed headdress with a high top and fields bent up is associated with the conquerors of the steppe expanses - cowboys. It is called a cowboy hat. This is a universal style, which protects against wide weather from bad weather and heat. The hat warmed its owner in the cold and invigorated in the heat, this was facilitated by the air gap between the head and the bottom of the tulle.

Its second name is Stetson, because it was invented by the hereditary hatter John Stetson . He created the first copies in the 1860s, and since then such a style was chosen not only by American and Canadian cowboys and ranchers. She entered the wardrobe of men and women in North America, Europe, Russia, Australia.

Where did the name come from?

In his youth, John Butterson Stetson, contrary to the hatter profession received from his father, went to gold diggers. The scorching sun, hot winds and sudden rains of the Wild West became his companions for five years. All these years, Stetson was saved by a felt hat sewn by him there. Subsequently, these hats were called "Lord of the Plains" and became a legend, but for now John returned home without money, which he did not manage to earn .

It is not known if the Stetson hat would have received the world if John Butterson had enriched himself in the mine. Returning home, he decided to return to his craft. This decision turned out to be a gold mine for him. That's where the wealth was obtained.

He borrowed money and opened a small hat shop in a rented room. With orders he was assisted by two employees. Stetson began to sew cowboy hats, like the one in which he worked at the mine himself.

The new style was appreciated by the cowboys. Each of them could afford to pay $ 10 for a hat, which became their hallmark . Production began to expand and develop. Stetson became the owner of his own factory, which began the construction of a hat empire with huge cash flow and an army of customers around the world.

What types are there?

Stetson’s company has always been customer-oriented, and over the years many models have been invented for every taste:

  1. Classic - the legendary style of a cowboy hat. The fields are bent upwards, on the top there is a characteristic long fold, there are models with side dents;
  2. The master of the plains - it was this model that Stetson was the first to invent. The ribbon decorates the slightly convex bottom of the tulle, without any depressions or dents, the fields are sewn flat and not very wide;
  3. ten gallon is one of the most popular styles in Texas. It is believed that an impressive volume of high tulle allowed the transfer of a certain amount of water . Of course, 10 gallons is a great exaggeration; the name is attached to an unusual model with curving fields;
  4. Canadian peak - the model is characterized by an elongated pointed top, adopted from the sombrero style. American soldiers refined their style by modeling four dents to protect them from rainfall in the tropics. Now this model can be seen with army instructors, scouts, law enforcement officers of several US states, the equestrian police of Canada;
  5. Cavalry cowboy hat - recognizable by medium-sized flat fields, a long dent on the top and a lace with “acorns”. They were intended to prevent the rider from sleeping in the saddle with his knock. Now this is the ceremonial attribute of one of the branches of the American army.