What is the name of the card wallet?

If your wallet is overloaded with numerous business cards and plastic cards, or they are scattered throughout all the pockets of your purse, then it is time to somehow organize and lighten the wallet. You probably saw a special accessory at your colleagues, in which only bank or business cards are placed. But you don’t know what it is called. Read more about all this and more.

Names of wallet for business cards and credit cards

To begin with, we recall what types of cards should be “called to order” and folded separately:

  • business cards that business friends handed us;
  • own business cards;
  • credit, debit, salary bank cards;
  • discount (discount) cards of shops and salons and cards of a club member.

There are business card holders for business cards:

  1. for your own cards, this is a small wallet with one branch, which contains a stack of cards with a name and contact information;
  2. for business cards of business partners, acquaintances, there is a special design - a business card holder-klyasser. In appearance it can be compared with a small album, where there are several branches. These are silicone pages with 2–4 covers for business cards on each of them. Placed in this way, the cards are quickly, without additional effort and waste of time;
  3. convenient combined business card holders combining both of the types described above;
  4. there are similar devices desktop type. Usually these are plastic, metal or wooden card holders with contact details.

For bank and discount cards nowadays they use credit cards, or cardholders. In fact, these are two different names for the same accessory.

Wallet Design Description

The credit card in appearance really looks like a wallet, but inside there are only offices where you can place plastic cards, not money, and even more so - a metal trifle.

Such accessories are made of leather, nubuck, suede, leatherette, textile, plastic. In recent years, metal cardholders, which are safer to use and so far can keep your money intact, are especially popular .

How to choose a wallet for cards?

When choosing a credit card, pay attention to several important factors that will make the purchase useful, functional and durable:

  • volume - how many copies of plastic can fit. Obviously, a business person or a fan of sales and discounts needs more of them than an ordinary office employee;
  • the reliability of the locking mechanism - for the storage of such important things it is impossible to prevent accidental loss due to a weak or broken lock or clamp ;
  • practicality - someone prefers a clamp in this sense, and someone considers a lock more universal.

What is the difference between male and female?

Such accessories differ in material, color, size. For men, the cardholder is usually performed in basic and dark colors - black, brown, gray, beige, dark green, protective. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer solid models of laconic cut from leather or substitute, nubuck, metal.

Women and credit card holders can buy in a flower, polka dots, stripes, with ornaments and even with rhinestones. The prevailing colors are bright, catchy, unusual, including golden and silver. Execution materials - leather, ecoskin, suede, textiles. The weak half of humanity chooses usually elegant accessories; a cardholder is no exception to this rule.

Important! A credit card holder can be a good gift for a man. It can be presented for any holiday, and it will be appropriate not only for a loved one, but also for a colleague or boss for an anniversary.

For a man, you should choose a card holder that has something in common with a wallet or belt:

  • respectable boss - leather model;
  • to a young colleague - metal.

If it is decided to present a cardholder as a gift to a lady, remember:

  • a business woman can use a pastel shade of a classic model;
  • it is preferable for a girl to acquire a bright, catchy credit card holder;
  • Give creative, creative nature an accessory of unusual design - with an interesting ornament, a decorative brooch made of rhinestones, etc.

What is a card-protected wallet

Unfortunately, attackers have various devices for reading data from plastic cards. They can steal money, copy a service pass. No source is needed for this. It is enough for a fraudster to be a meter away from a bank card placed in a credit card in order to get hold of valuable information .

In order not to lose money, you need to take action. Protection from such craftsmen is metal. Even foil can make a card invulnerable. Therefore, metal models of cardholders are very popular.

An ordinary metal wallet such as a cigarette case made of stainless steel, metal or aluminum will protect your bank data and accounts and save money. If you have 1-2 cards, then a static package insert will serve as protection. No more is needed.

However , there are also credit cards on sale made of leather, but having a special lining with high density metallized threads . Briefcases and backpacks can be provided with such a lining. Information from these accessories cannot be stolen. Anyway, bye.

Important! To understand that you have an accessory with similar protection, look for the Protected from RFID marking, which is supplied with all products with a metallized lining.