What is the name of a bra without straps?

A variety of women's outfits suggest the use of appropriate underwear. Today, not only classic bras with straps and various cup modifications are on sale, but also “inconspicuous” strapless products that are ideally suited for clothes with bare shoulders. So what is a strapless bra called?

Bra name without straps

The top of the strapless underwear is very popular today. Girls wear such items especially often in the summer, when open dresses and sundresses require appropriate underwear. Such bras are united under the general name "Angelica".

Among the varieties distinguish:

  • Corbey
  • brassier;
  • balcony.

All of them provide good support for the breast, and the formation of magnificent forms in its upper part . This is a very piquant and beautiful detail of the women's toilet, creating an attractive and feminine image.

Important! If a woman prefers to be constantly on the move and does not like the things that fetter her, most likely this thing is not for her.

Model description

The model is equipped with a wide back and silicone inserts that prevent the bra from falling off and traveling through the body. In addition, the special shape of the bones lifts the chest from below, creating lush hemispheres above the upper part of the bust.

Such a model must be in the wardrobe of every girl. They can also be equipped with removable straps, which, however, perform the usual function of the straps only half. The main part of the load nevertheless falls on a wide coverage of the body and bone of the product.

Important! Such a model may not always be convenient for girls who are used to moving a lot and actively gesturing. Despite their advantages and good materials, they can still be shifted, which will lead to the need to correct it.

What clothes is it intended for?

The product without straps is mandatory for open evening dresses, which free the entire upper part of the shoulders and chest from the cover. A bra will not only help to support the breast, giving it a beautiful shape, but will also form a piquant look above the corsage of the dress.

Also, a similar model of underwear is ideal for summer clothes too open. Sundresses, open dresses, bustiers and blouses with bare shoulders, all these styles require the use of lingerie without straps.

Types of bra without straps

Today, fashion designers regularly release on the catwalks all new models of busts. Among which there are already quite a few modifications of products without straps. Among the most popular are:

  • invisibility (a style that is very popular today, which is worn under frank dresses and suits, involving not only bare shoulders and the top of the chest, but also a completely open back);
  • seamless (seamless patterns are also incredibly popular today, they are worn under tight-fitting clothes that require perfect smoothness of underwear);
  • bando (which differs from the classical model by the absence of stones and strictly design, they are usually worn under translucent blouses or a suit, leaving a piece of linen to peek out or shine through clothes, suitable for ladies with a small bust);
  • without fasteners (a kind of "invisibility", but this model has side inserts that end immediately at the beginning of the back, they are held by two strips of dense silicone).

Important! Each girl should choose her bra model based on her own feelings and the event where she is going to wear such an outfit.

Bust without straps and fasteners - name

As already mentioned, the "invisible" today are especially popular. There are two varieties of such a product: holding only on the chest due to a completely silicone cup or without fasteners, which have part of the back and cover half of the body . Both models are firmly fixed to the body with silicone inserts that literally adhere and prevent the bra from moving.

Such products are good when wearing too revealing outfits with bare shoulders and a neckline and a deep neckline on the back. They create the complete illusion of the lack of underwear. A similar style of linen is chosen by women of different ages, if circumstances so require.

Strapless bra has long established itself as a comfortable and stylish model of underwear that helps to look great in any case and outfit. Every girl in the wardrobe should have at least one model of such a bust. Modern materials allow you to make an invisible accessory very comfortable, which is almost not felt on the body.