What is the name of the belt bag?

A couple of seasons ago, young people had doubts about buying a waist bag, despite its appearance in the design collections of many fashion houses. However, today the range of this accessory is so wide that the number of doubters melts before our eyes, and unpleasant associations with the dashing 90s, when waist bags were an invariable part of the costume of the new masters of life, are scattered under the pressure of style and quality. What is the name and what is a bag that is hung on a belt?

Name of belt bag

The fashionable detail of the costume, firmly entrenched in recent history back in the 90s of the last century, still does not have its own name.

For the first time, such an accessory was mentioned in the chronicles of the XIV century as an indicator of the wealth of its owner: men carried such a handbag openly on the belt, and women hid it in the folds of clothes . Later, the coins moved into men's pockets, and since pockets were not provided for women's dresses, a waist bag became an element of clothing that is characteristic of wealthy ladies. In those days, the handbag was called "OMONIER".

The next appearance of this item in a suit was noted at the end of the 20th century. Then this practical and convenient bag became an integral attribute of the costume of market traders, conductors, hunters and fishermen. They called it at that time a "kidney bag", as it was usually worn slightly shifted to one side, approximately at the level of the location of the kidney .

A little later, the shape of the accessory changed, and it was called the bag-bananas for the similarity of shape with the fruit of the same name.

Today, such a handbag has again become fashionable and firmly entrenched in all modern clothing styles. And they still call it differently:

  • "Belt bag" - the original English name (belt - belt, belt; bag - bag);
  • "Waist bag" - full tracing paper from English.

What materials does it come from?

Beltbag is sewn, like most other bags, from leather, leatherette, eco leather or textile.

Leather waist bags look stylish and expensive, the price of products of some fashion brands reaches several tens of thousands, however, such an accessory is not ashamed to wear even with an exquisite evening outfit.

You can get by with a not so expensive option: leather is traditionally the most practical and durable material for bags, so a leather banana will serve faithfully for more than one year. Just when buying, pay attention not so much to the brand as to the quality of the material and stitching.

Textile waist bags are also interesting. For example, a denim option is good: durable, stylish and versatile. Practical cans of fabric impregnated with a special water-repellent composition: such material will reliably save your treasures from bad weather or unpleasant accidents like spilled mineral water .

As a rule, it is textile bags that are decorated with various decorative elements:

  • rhinestones;
  • beads;
  • embroidery;
  • prints;
  • application;
  • fringe.

Important! For bold fashionistas, there are waist handbags made of silicone, and often the belt on which the bag is attached is also made of this transparent material.

Recently, fur belts are gaining popularity. It looks very stylish and unusual, but the versatility of the accessory is partially lost. When choosing a handbag from such a material, it is worthwhile to carefully choose clothes for the ensemble.

Which style is right for you?

Modern designers have invented many styles of a waist bag, so if you want, you can choose such an accessory to any look. The main thing is the functionality of the belt bag, and it is unchanged in both sports and evening style: the necessary things are always at hand, and the hands themselves are free .

Fashionable waist bags - styles

Beltbag styles are dictated by its direct purpose - the storage of necessary trifles . Therefore, it always has only one main compartment, which today is often supplemented with 1-2 small side pockets.

The main styles of a modern waist bag:

  • banana - the most practical and popular model, most often made of textiles and decorated with various decorative elements; It looks very compact, but at the same time it contains everything you need;
  • a waist clutch is a great solution for friendly parties and special occasions; it is usually sewn of leather, suede or velveteen and does not need excessive decor;
  • waist purse - can make a clutch worthy of competition: a smaller volume is fully compensated by sophisticated elegance; It is mainly made of leather and suede, decorative elements are not forbidden, however, their selection is dictated by the high status of the accessory.

Important! A special chic is today considered a velvet waist wallet.

As for the form, traditional bananas and rectangular, the so-called “envelopes”, are complemented today with interesting oval models, first introduced last season in Gucci shows.

The difference between female and male models

There are no significant differences between female beltbag models from male ones, mainly they differ in size and color scheme.

Women's waist bags are sewn for different styles, occasions and moods, so the most important thing in them is the appearance, that is, the model and color.

Men's waist bags should be functional in the first place, and in addition, the wardrobe of a strong half of humanity is distinguished by a more restrained color scheme, so belt bags are usually designed in classic shades of black, gray and brown.

What clothes can I wear?

Like any accessory, a waist bag should be selected for specific cases. Classic models are perfect for almost any clothing:

  • a leather "envelope" perfectly complements an elegant business suit;
  • a small banana will look good in a casual look in an ensemble with a light dress on the floor, jeans or a miniskirt;
  • The classic banana bag will give a special chic to an urban-style look, if combined with a midi skirt and t-shirts with colorful prints, you can wear slip-on sneakers, ballet shoes or slippers on your feet;
  • if you choose clothes in sports style, an interesting addition to the image will be a velvet waist wallet, which will allow you to be at the peak of the trend;
  • For an evening look, a stylish baby from leather or suede is well suited.

Sports models are designed exclusively for sports . They are distinguished by greater capacity (except for running bags, which differ in minimal sizes) and practical material (as a rule, this is specially processed textiles).

You can wear them both on the belt and over the shoulder:

  • to emphasize the waist, slide the belt higher;
  • if the hips are narrow or a few extra centimeters have formed on the waist, lower the belt on the hips - in such a simple way you will correctly place the accents.

Stylists recommend experimenting with the color of the belt bag: do not “hide” it on clothes, but rather, choosing bright colors that harmoniously contrast with the main tone of the costume, boldly focus on this interesting and fashionable detail.

Brand Offers

  1. Gucci offers its fans waist bags made of natural materials. In the role of a trendy accessory in the latest collection was presented a green suede belt bag, which could successfully replace an elegant clutch bag or an ordinary handbag.
  2. Nike also remains true to the tradition of quality and style: sports bags for sports in a restrained color scheme from practical materials and on a wide belt can be comfortably worn on the belt or over the shoulder.
  3. Guess sews her waist bags exclusively out of leather. Models are always in trend and of excellent quality, but they have one major drawback - a very high price . By purchasing a belt bag of this brand, you emphasize your impeccable taste and high status.
  4. Young people should pay attention to Dakine products, easily recognizable by their bright colors and unusual geometric and abstract prints. Absolutely universal models with three pockets that are suitable even for children.