What men's shoes are worn without socks?

Here is the long-awaited summer with the eternal question of what else to take off to feel comfortable. There are few options. After all, the minimum of men’s clothes remained - shorts and a T-shirt. One of the last reserves for undressing is socks. And this wardrobe item, seemingly forever inscribed in the tablets of the dress code, fell before the heat. The Italians were the first to take such a step. With their light hands, fashion to wear shoes without socks stepped into the light, became a trend. Let's try to figure it out.

When can you do without socks?

If rubber slippers and sandals were originally created to wear them without socks, with other types of men's shoes that look like shoes in form, not everything is so simple. And conservatives can fall into a trance when they see them worn on their bare feet. Of course, you can go for a little trick and put on the so-called invisible socks, thereby creating the impression that the shoes are worn on a bare foot.

TOP 10 types of shoes

10. Moccasins

These leather or suede shoes are familiar to us from the novels of Fenimore Cooper about the Indians. Lightweight, flexible, comfortable and open from above, it covers the foot and allows you to move easily and silently. Initially, moccasins were invented to be worn in summer without socks (the Indians did not have them in their usual form)!

Moccasins are still sewn from traditional materials: leather and suede, and are worn with both regular and cropped trousers and shorts . But, wearing shorts, you need to forget about socks: this combination is excluded. For trousers, if they cover the ankle, it is acceptable.

9. Boaters

What to put on going to the deck of a yacht? The answer is unequivocal - boaters (from the English "topside" - the upper deck). They remind you of moccasins, only on grooved soles - for stability on a wet deck. A circular lacing has been added around the heel, which is tied in front.

Agree, running out onto the deck in the tropics, hardly anyone will mess with socks. So boaters wear only without them, it is allowed to slightly tuck trousers to fit the image of a sea wolf.

8. Loafers

The Norwegian shoemaker, who creatively refined the traditional footwear of the northern fishermen, gave impetus to the development of loafers. Common to this type of shoe is the absence of laces, instead of which a horizontal strap. Decorate it with brushes, slots, buckles . Loafers worn at home are called sleepers. Initially, these shoes were sewn from velvet, fine suede. But today they go to sleepers outside.

Each type of loafer has its own requirements and rules for socks. With a business suit, socks are needed, with less formal clothes - you can without them. Sleepers - only on the bare foot. Shoes look good with cropped trousers and jeans.

7. Espadrilles

Perhaps the best textile shoes for the heat, which fell in love with many as a replacement for traditional sandals. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable, with a comfortable woven jute sole.

It is combined with shorts, jeans, breeches, linen trousers. Socks in this kit are clearly superfluous. Wear strictly without them.

6. Slip-ons

Slip-ons - shoes without lacing (elastic inserts instead), without heels, on a flat sole at the end of the last century, surfers began to wear. Today they are made from a variety of materials. Of course, going to the beach in such shoes, socks should be excluded.

Combine with beachwear, casual, but not with strict business suits.

5. Low sneakers

Yes, these comfortable and fashionable shoes can be worn without socks. Low top sneakers look good with shorts and summer trousers.

However, the choice of clothes is not limited to them, it is wider than the usual sports direction. But socks can be included at will, if without them it’s completely unusual. And preferably subtle.

4. Sneakers

Of all the wealth of shoes, sneakers are out of competition with those involved in sports. Their ergonomics and comfort were appreciated even by people far from stadiums and arenas. Today, sneakers are the shoes of both teenagers and older people.

Traditionally worn with socks that protect the foot from rubbing . Ultrashort socks that peek slightly above the edge of the side cut are preferred.

They wear sneakers with almost everything in the wardrobe.

3. Derby

Comfortable leather shoes with

open lacing sewed for quite well-fed Earl of Derby. But then it was appreciated, it became popular. In appearance, the derby resemble classic shoes, deprived of their officiality. Especially with a bright summer sole. Derby in some cases can be worn without socks. Usually they are present - not the longest.

The derby combines with any formal suits and trousers, as well as outerwear.

2. Monkey

Pretty formal shoes of the monks (from the English monk - monk). Its difference is a closed back, replacement for shoelaces - solid buckles, one or two. Accordingly, from their number there is a division of monks into "single" and "double". If suede singles are allowed to be worn barefoot, then classic dark ones are only with socks.

Monks are combined with any trousers and business suits.

1. Oxfords

These shoes are a model of sophistication, conservatism and formalism. Closed lacing, a minimum of decor, a thin sole. They sit tight on the leg, and, of course, without socks in any way.

Wear with any classic, from a tuxedo to a business suit.

Beach shoes: slippers, flip flops and sandals

With these shoes, there is no problem choosing socks - the design itself eliminates their presence on the foot . Do not believe? Try it with slippers, then share the impressions and comments of others. The ancient Romans and Greeks, who came up with sandals for their hot climate, could not even think of such a wardrobe detail as socks.

According to the rules of style, beach shoes are worn only with beach shorts, everything that is longer, cramped and hot like jeans and trousers is excluded.


From the proposed options, you can choose the most suitable for you, taking into account the place where you are going for a walk or on business.

After a walk in the heat, the shoes need rest, so it is preferable to have several pairs of light summer shoes. Feet should be well groomed. Do not neglect sprays for legs and shoes, and ordinary talcum powder is suitable for these purposes.

Probably, you should not warn that it is better to take more suitable shoes when cooling than to try to warm your feet with socks.