What men look at first when meeting a woman

Many men mistakenly believe that pumped up biceps of the arms, a relief press, bright clothes, an unusual hairstyle or a strong perfume fragrance will ensure 100% success in women. Ladies on this subject have their own opinions, which often go against the male. Also, girls, in many respects, are dominated by stereotypes about how they are evaluated by young people.

The beautiful half of humanity spends a lot of time, effort, money, and an effective solution is in a completely different direction. Using the famous Pareto 80/20 rule, girls will be able to focus on their truly strengths, which provide 80% success for men, and not spend the lion's share of the time on insignificant 20%. Consider the main details on which the strong half of humanity is greedy.

What should be highlighted

Following the rule of stylists “emphasize virtues, hide disadvantages”, we bring to the foreground what you can brag about, but carefully and in moderation, creating an aura of modesty and mystery.

If a girl wears glasses, then a correctly selected model will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the look. The same effect can be achieved by a girl without glasses with skillfully applied makeup. Because according to statistics, 70% of men, in the first place, pay attention to the eyes.

Important! Only the second in importance is the female figure and it is the overall pleasant impression as a whole, and not the chest, legs and ass (as most people think).

This means that a carefully selected wardrobe comes to the fore, which elegantly highlights the "zest" of the figure. Perhaps these are the very ones - luxurious breasts with the help of the neckline, slender legs with shoes and stockings, aspen waist with a tight dress, etc. And the man’s subconscious, scanning a woman for the ability to bear children and survive, will be satisfied when she sees a confident woman.

Another male fetish is woman's hair: lush, flowing curls, tight braids, mischievous short hairstyles. Psychologically, the appearance of hair is associated with a general impression of health. Stylish hats can also emphasize the beauty of hair.

Another neglected factor is female ears. Since it is important for a man to feel more important and more, the appearance of elegant small ears satisfies his need for dominance. Consequently, you can half-open this modest part of the body with your hair or use discreet earrings to unobtrusively attract the attention of a man.

What to avoid

Reference! Almost all males are absolutely cold to bright make-up, false eyelashes, “full” lips, long nails and expensive jewelry.

Rather, you can achieve the opposite effect, because if it is not about relationships for one evening, the man is inclined to choose a companion of a more modest appearance, with whom it is not a shame to appear in front of friends and parents. Modesty, from a male point of view, in this case appears as a lack of accessibility for other males.

Thus, a confident gait, regal posture and a pleasant smile will emphasize female beauty better than any makeup and will do more than all the fashion designers in the world!