What Melania trump conquered London

The President of the United States of America arrived in London with his family. A number of events and meetings were held in the British capital, attended by members of the royal family. The wife of the American president, as always, chose the most sophisticated and stylish outfits . And this again aroused admiration of the public. This woman knows a lot about fashion and always dresses with taste, attracting close attention.

What Melania Trump chose to travel to London

On a trip to foggy Albion, the couple had to spend three days. And for this visit, Melania Trump chose the most sophisticated and attractive outfits from her wardrobe. Some dresses and accessories were purchased specifically for this trip.

First appearance

From the plane that delivered the presidential couple to the UK, the couple left holding hands, which is a very rare occurrence.

Melania chose a classic suit with a skirt in dark blue from the fashion brand Burberry . Light white blouse with abstract blue-red print and silk scarf to match. The jacket was naturally pulled over his shoulders. This is a traditional gesture from the wife of the American president.

Seeing such an image, the followers did not fail to note that the wife of Donald Trump looks like a stewardess in a working uniform. However, Melania Trump did not look less stylish and attractive from this.

To the royal palace

In the helicopter, which was supposed to deliver the presidential family to Buckingham Palace, Melania got in a stylish dress with a print in the form of the most famous London attractions .

A spectacular long white shirt dress with an elegant belt and a catchy print in green-orange tones looked great on the slender Melania. I decided to supplement the image of the spouse of the president with pointed-nosed "boats" of classic flesh color.

Important! All Melania's outfits were made especially for her by eminent fashion designers. In particular, Dolce & Gabbana created the dress for the meeting at Buckingham Palace, and the famous house Herve Pierre created the hat.

Together with the presidential couple, the children of Donald Trump arrived in Britain. They also impressed the British public and followers with their outfits. They closely watched the visit on social networks. The chic dresses of the president’s daughters and the classic formal suits of the sons were perfect for events organized in honor of the arrival of the head of America.

Special outfits to meet the queen

Especially carefully, the first lady of the United States prepared for a meeting with the queen.

First meeting

For the first meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and members of the royal family, the wife of the head of the White House chose an elegant narrow white dress with a blue belt .

Of course, in England the image cannot be finished without a hat. It was made specifically for this trip. The headdress with a low top and wide brim perfectly emphasized the individuality of the first lady of America.

Classic black "boats" were the completion of the image.

Some journalists compared this bow with memorable snow-white dresses in England, decorated with wide contrasting belts. In them, Lady Diana showed off at the end of the 80s of the last century. There is, of course, a certain similarity in the choice of clothes.

Royal dinner

On the same day, a traditional dinner was held for guests of honor, members of the royal family and those close to the court. For this occasion, in the wardrobe of Melania there was an elegant snow-white dress on the floor with a transparent top . 49-year-old Melania complemented the beautiful outfit with long gloves to match the dress.

I must say that on the occasion of the visit of the American president, many put on exquisite outfits. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate chose an original multi-layered white dress for dinner, perfectly emphasizing her slim figure.

At the same time, the Duchess first supplemented the dress with a dark blue ribbon of the Royal Order and donned the Royal Family Order of Elizabeth II.