What is meant by skirt year

Skirt-year - an outfit related to the retro style. She makes the figure slimmer and emphasizes the dignity of its owner. This image will help to make the silhouette more feminine.

This outfit appeared thanks to Bridget Bordeaux. It was she who introduced the fashion for dresses for which various fabrics were used. The combination of a tight-fitting top and a light bottom looks feminine and at the same time very elegant.

What is a year skirt and what materials does it happen

What does skirt year mean? Under what, put on such an interesting model? Will such an image be relevant in 2019 or is it a relic of the past?

Under the year, any shoes look good - from sandals without heels, to high-heeled shoes. The skirt looks good under blouses, tops and t-shirts. In autumn, you can wear a jacket or coat on top. You can complement the image with a thin belt, which will be in harmony with the color of shoes or handbags.

Reference! Long is well suited for special occasions. It will look good in combination with a light chiffon blouse or satin shirt.

Young women should take a closer look at the skirt made of yarn. Such an outfit looks much more massive, but, in turn, no less attractive. Suitable for winter. Give preference to finer knitting.

In addition, modern Godet made of material with a variety of prints. This is mainly a popular strip or geometry. But when choosing such a bottom, it is necessary to carefully select the top, because the slightest mistake can show you not from the most advantageous side. Girls with large hips should abandon cage skirts.

For several years now, jeans have been in demand. Fashion designers skillfully compose jeans material with chiffon, lace, silk and other fabrics. This is a youth option, although older women do not exclude it.

A more festive option is a dense lace skirt. It goes well with lace tops and blouses.

Features of the skirt

Warm options are made of a more dense material, due to which they seem even more fitted. Most winter options are sewn from dark material and print in this case is extremely rare.

Summer skirts are sewn from light material in lighter tones. They are an almost universal option both for going to work, and for a walk around the city or meeting friends in a cafe.

Fashion trends for skirts year

With the help of the year, you can create a unique image. Each time, the style becomes more and more common and modern fashionistas simply can not imagine their wardrobe without this skirt:

  1. In most cases, this outfit becomes an office option for many women. She looks great under classic shirts and blouses. Do not forget to complement the image with bright accessories and decorations. As a business image, you can try not only an elongated version, but also a mini;
  2. She is the right option for a first romantic date with a young man. Do not forget to emphasize the waist line with a belt, which should be in harmony in color with a handbag or shoes.

We hope that with the help of our recommendations you will be able to create a stylish look!