What to make from an old bag

DIY has become very popular in recent years - DIY crafts of various things. Any materials are used - the main thing is to have enough imagination and desire. Alterations of old things that are already spoiled or out of fashion, remains firmly in the top craftsmen. But some self-made things simply cannot be described - well, what can be done from an old bag? It turns out a lot!

Bags are different in shape and size, and even in materials. Genuine leather or its substitute is most valued - they are durable, easy to care for. Fabric bags are not far behind - it’s easiest to remake them. With proper care, the service life of the item is up to 3 years, or even more if the bag is made of leather.

Even classic models can go out of fashion, but good condition just does not allow you to throw things away. After all, you can make a little effort to create a completely new element of home decor or just change it into a wallet. Moreover, one product can be used immediately in several modeling projects.

Original decor ideas from an old leather bag

Leather is an interesting material with a lot of pronounced advantages. It is completely environmentally friendly, being a natural and renewable resource. And differs in the following advantages:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • density;
  • elasticity;
  • compliance to processing.

Thanks to them, the material serves for years without losing its attractiveness. But any thing sooner or later bothers or becomes worthless. It is easy to damage the skin with careless movement or if pets are present. That is why we present 10 original thoughts about the second life of your favorite handbag.

  • Garden decor: decorate a flower box made of chipboard with leather handles from a bag. So the flower will be more convenient to transfer from place to place.

  • Storage space - organizer, cosmetic bag, lunch bag for a child. Decorating an old product, altering some places, you can get a unique handbag for all sorts of little things or cosmetics. And if you sew children's applications on top, then a great place to store dinners or toys will come out.

  • And again, a storage box - a basket or a tray! It is noteworthy that the box can be difficult to simulate from the bag body, but also cut the skin into flaps and weave it together. You will need to add a couple of rivets in order to avoid decay of the product or to sew the edges with a thick thread. But it can also be a new unique handbag of the type of traveling bags, perfect for summer.

  • Planter for a flower pot . By cutting the flaps of the right size, you can convert the accessory into a convenient flower pot for hanging flowers.

  • Bridle for mounting mirrors, or paintings.

  • Leather cover on a sofa pillow .

  • Case on the stool.

  • Do-it-yourself hardware instead of handles or hooks (for example, instead of rings in the bathroom).

  • A coffee table or an interesting mini-stool made of leather stripes.

  • Leather woven jewelry - bracelets, chokers, headbands.

There are many more ways to use leather in decor and crafts.

How to make from an old bag: a hanging pot, a first-aid kit for a car, hanging shelves

Consider the main and least expensive types of alterations of the bag into useful things in everyday life. You will need a minimum of tools: strong threads with a thick needle, scissors and the necessary accessories.

The first thing you can do is a hanging pot. The rework sequence is very simple:

  • flog lining and zipper;
  • replace it with a dense plastic bag or a film folded in shape;
  • pile up land and fertilizer;
  • transplant a plant.

Thanks to the handles, such a pot is easy to hang like a cache-pot.

IMPORTANT! You should choose a strong rope that can support the weight of the earth in the bag.

The second is a first-aid kit for a car. It’s a great idea if the base case for medicines has already failed, and there is no desire to spend money on a new one. In addition, it is much more convenient than just throwing everything in the glove compartment. There are no special actions:

  • first, we remove all unnecessary accessories (women’s bags are often decorated with accessories);
  • check the performance of lightning;
  • we strengthen the bottom and walls: you can cut the lining, you need to put thick cardboard inside;
  • we sew the holes after strengthening and the first-aid kit is ready.

Such a bag for essential medicines is a great option: thanks to the internal sections, you can distinguish dressings from tablets.

And the third - hanging shelves. It’s already an order of magnitude more complicated, you will need a hacksaw for wood, metal clips and a processed board. As well as a drill and screws for attaching to the wall.

  • We cut the bag into wide strips. You will need 2 strips of the same length and width.

REFERENCE! You can fold the wide canvas in half and sew along the edge for reinforcement.

  • Fold the stripes in half - now vertically, to get a loop.
  • We attach to the wall in the selected place - it is important to immediately mark the mounting points. You get hanging loops at a short distance from each other.
  • We thread the processed board into the hinges, if necessary, trim it with a hacksaw.

TIP! You can independently process the board with varnish and paint it in the desired color, or you can purchase a finished shelf, or take it from old furniture. So the fake will be completely homemade.

Give life to old things and get original decor at the same time - this is an interesting activity for the weekend. Such alterations do not require financial costs, only free time. And things turn out to be the envy of all friends - practical and beautiful. Inspiration can be found on the Internet.