What lingerie do men consider antisexual?

All men are not indifferent to women's underwear, but with some reservations. It should be attractive, feminine, sexy, and most importantly, worn on a beloved woman.

It should be remembered that men are not robots for which a universal formula of underwear can be developed that uniquely attracts or repels any representative of the stronger sex. But still, the question often arises - what women's underwear most often in the eyes of men is far from ideal?

What models of cowards do not like men?

Panties are the most popular and important part of women's wardrobe. They should be not only comfortable, but also seductive. Many beauties spend a lot of time and a lot of finances to choose the right panties. The lower component of lingerie should beautifully emphasize the form, be sexy cut and color and amaze the partner’s imagination. Alas, not all options for this part of the laundry like men. According to surveys on social networks, the following panties are the most antisexual from a male point of view:

  • all models lose corset and corrective underpants. You can’t wear such items on dates. Seeing a partner in such underwear, and even more so taking it off, representatives of the stronger sex may experience a slight shock that does not contribute to sexual desire, as well as the feeling that he was deceived;
  • in the penultimate place are "grandmother" cowards. They are not popular because they cover almost everything that sexual partners like to see: the bottom of the buttocks of girls and the torso from the waist below the belly button. Although many girls, depending on the weather, mood, or due to other circumstances, prefer this particular comfortable version of the products;
  • the third place from the end in the ranking of women's panties is occupied by the so-beloved by many girls slips. The reason is the same - the priest is completely closed.

Attention! Contrary to many stereotypes, thong panties are of interest to men only on models in magazines, in other words, on those girls who are perceived only as a virtual object of desire without further prospects.

Two factors play a role here: female physiology and the opinion that the real representative of the weaker sex, often wearing such a product, gives rise to jealousy.

As for the color of panties, the models of blue, yellow, green or orange color not only leave men indifferent, but can also cause their irritation and displeasure. These colors are completely unrelated to excitement. Blue and pink panties are most often perceived neutrally.

Antisexual models of bras

Men are not particularly versed in the varieties of the upper components of underwear, but they are happy to note their details, preferring that the girl's chest be maximally open. Many guys do not like bras with all kinds of lining that add volume to the chest. In addition, most members of the stronger sex do not like the abundance of various trinkets - bows, strasses and beads. Of course, that old and worn out bras can also ruin the mood of a partner. Any underwear should be neat. It is better to immediately get rid of such things so that there is no temptation to wear them.

Important! If the girl plans to spend a romantic evening, which may turn into a stormy night, then it is better not to wear a bra made of cotton fabric. Such models are practical and convenient, but they are definitely not useful for special evenings.

What other elements of underwear “scare away” men

The list of other items of underwear that can be called “total anti-sex” includes the following products:

  • Abundantly decorated with lace: for many men, the abundance of lace details causes a feeling of constant sexual tension;
  • Things are militantly red. Despite the fact that red is considered the color of passion, many men experience conflicting feelings at its sight;
  • With funny inscriptions or cartoon characters;
  • Aggressive sexy leopard-print lingerie.

As women admit, it is beautiful underwear that adds confidence, namely confidence, that makes them the most attractive and desirable in the eyes of men.