What kind of swimming trunks to choose a man over 50

Summer is the holiday season that most people want to spend at sea. The main attribute for men going to the beach are swimming trunks. Young people have no problems choosing them. But the representatives of the stronger sex are not always well versed in the current trends in beach fashion. They need help. What to choose in this case? Hint ...

For beach

When buying swimming trunks, many men pay attention to their convenience and functionality, and only then - to their appearance. The choice of heats depends on a number of factors.


The crucial role is played by the style. As for the length, you should not give preference to both too short and long swimming trunks .

  • An acceptable length is similar to the length of ordinary shorts .
  • In clothes of a free cut you can not only swim, but also play volleyball, frisbee and even go on an excursion.
  • You can opt for tight-fitting shorts. But in this model it’s not quite decent to go to a beach cafe or around the city.

Advice! Too short swimming trunks, despite the fact that it is convenient to swim in them, men over 50 should not choose.

We take into account the features of the figure

When choosing, it is worth paying attention to the features of the figure. People leading a healthy lifestyle, and at 50 may look better than young people. The main problem of mature men is the tummy, which is impossible to hide on the beach. Visually remove the size will help voluminous shorts of cold shades .

For each type of physique, you should choose your own model.

  • Large and tall men fit plain or with a small print . It is better to refuse vertical and horizontal strips.

  • Chunky gentlemen of short stature are contraindicated in bright colors. It is better to opt for plain models with stripes on the sides .
  • Men of ordinary complexion can choose any model, depending on skin color.

Reference! Lovers of retro style will appreciate models with ordinary buttons, pockets with flaps and a closed clasp.

the cloth

Pay attention to the product material. It must be resistant to ultraviolet and salt water . Synthetics is very popular. It dries instantly in the sun and sits well on a figure.

Try before you buy!

You can evaluate how a thing fits, thanks to the fitting. Only after that is it worth making the final decision.

It is recommended to wear a tight model of underwear, so that it would be more convenient to measure swimming trunks on it .

Make several movements to the right and left, sit down several times.

Each brand has its own lineup, so you should not neglect fitting .

Advice! Prepare at least two pairs of swimming trunks for relaxation.

For the pool

Swimming trunks are presented in such a wide variety that men often make their first impression. At the age of 50, you can choose several models.


This is the most sought after model. Depending on the type of figure, the product will be tight-fitting or with a special “magnifying” design.

Swim shorts (boxers)

The choice should be taken carefully, as the model emphasizes the male figure. This is a narrow version of classic men's underpants.

Hydro shorts (sports)

Most often they are bought for professional swimming. They provide good thermal insulation and allow you to move faster in water.

the cloth

An important factor will be the material from which the product is sewn. The fabric should dry well, not fade or stretch with frequent washing .

It is recommended to buy things from 100% polyester . They are less flexible than products consisting of polyamide and lycra, but will last much longer.

Important! Optimum tissue composition: 55% polyamide and 45% polybutylene terephthalate. Such a material is not affected by chlorine, it is convenient and highly durable.

It is better for people with fair skin to choose bright colors . You can emphasize individuality with the help of catchy drawings.

A wide variety of swimming trunks allows each man to choose a model taking into account taste preferences and physique.

Have a nice rest!