What jewelry is suitable for a green dress?

With the appearance of a spectacular green dress in the wardrobe, you have to solve the problem of combining it with jewelry. The color is not easy, to select accessories you need to know some nuances that allow you to complement your outfit with stylish jewelry and jewelry made of precious metals.

Rules for choosing jewelry for a green dress

In the spectrum of green - yellow and blue. Pure color is obtained by superimposing two adjacent to each other. There are many shades of this color, in the palette there are very light and very dark. The most popular of them - mint, lime, emerald, olive, spring, mustard, viridan, khaki, aqua.

When choosing jewelry, you need to focus on the shade : those close to yellow will look great with jewelry in warm colors, and those adjacent to blue will mean combinations with cold colors.

Red is the antagonist to green, so contrasting accessories can be chosen for a dress of a dark shade. With delicate light tones it will look flashy, and with emerald or malachite it will be interesting and fresh.

Neutral additions will be beige, gray, white accessories for dresses in light shades of green and brown, black for dark dresses.

You can use jewelry to match the dress, but subject to the conditions:

  • green is repeated in the outfit only once - either in shoes, or in accessories, or in jewelry;
  • if there are stones in jewelry, then they should be translucent, not very saturated, best of all - a couple of tones lighter than clothes.

Jewelry or jewelry?

For everyday and business images, only discreet jewelry of neutral tones or modest jewelry made of precious metals interspersed with natural minerals are appropriate. For day trips, they do not use colorful, bright, causing colors of massive jewelry, rhinestones, gold.

Evening dresses look great with larger jewelry. It can be jewelry, gold, silver jewelry with natural or artificial grown stones, necklace with Swarovski crystals, pearl threads, jewelry with rhinestones. Matte jewelery should be chosen for shiny fabrics, and a quiet material will require sparkling additions in the evening.

What jewelry is combined with a green dress?

The main criterion for choosing a green dress is minimalism, which dictates a restriction on the use of such things. Three is the maximum number of jewelry that is used in the outfit, combining with each other the material and the style of execution. Less is possible, more is impossible.

Important! Even consider these recommendations as purely theoretical, because the green dress is self-sufficient and often in style does not require any additions to either the head area, or the neck or hands area.

Many girls are limited to interesting drop earrings and a bracelet, matched to each other. You can complement the outfit with small earrings, carnations, a large brooch and a thin ringlet. In a trio, a solo part has the right to perform only one decoration. In this case, this is a massive silver brooch, earrings and a ring only complement it and all together set off the gorgeous color of the dress .

Noble metal products, being universal additions, are suitable both for everyday dresses and evening outings. Necklaces, beads, earrings made of semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystals, bracelets and brooches with rhinestones and pearls look great.


A green outfit can be combined not only with tone jewelry, but also with contrasting colors. For example, an emerald dress is in excellent contact with fuchsia jewelry, a malachite outfit is wonderful with coral beads, and spring greens are friends with raspberry earrings.

Dark shades of grassy are very romantic in combination with pink or blue ornaments, and in tandem with yellow, brown or blue they look very fresh and stylish. Such tones can be diluted in white, but only in the evening backgammon, and in everyday onions it is better to use black here.

Gentle tones of the dress are perfectly complemented by decorations of the color of sea wave, silver, golden. A dress made of green fabric with a print suggests the presence of costume jewelry matching it in one of the shades.

Important! Perfectly matched jewelry matches the tone of the shoe.


Gold and silver jewelry go very well with a green dress. But there are nuances in using them with this color:

  • silver accessories are better to complement a business or everyday look;
  • gold looks gorgeous in evening bows;
  • silver is intended primarily for light fabrics;
  • Bronze and gold are magnificent with dark shades of a dress.

For business and everyday style chains, earrings, rings should be quite modest, almost invisible. For special occasions, evening bows, you can take more massive gold, bronze, silver items.

Important! These recommendations are suitable not only for metal products, but also jewelry imitating them.


When choosing jewelry with natural minerals, be guided by knowledge of the color spectrum. Stones with a warm shade are suitable for greens with a yellow tint - the color of a green meadow, tent, khaki, citrus, olive. Complete the look with amber, citrine, Siamese diamond, rauchtopaz or yellow topaz.

If the shade of the dress gravitates to blue tones - spring, sea green, jade, shamrock, viridan, mint, emerald, shade of green pine - then sapphire, blue topaz, apatite, turquoise, lapis lazuli are best.

The pink shade of the stone on the green background of the fabric looks romantic - rhodonite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz. With this color, jewelry will not be lost against the general background, and the image will be light, airy.

Transparent or dark stones are the best suited for a classic outfit, amethyst or hyacinth are chosen for the holiday, and ruby, jasper, agate or garnet will be good as a single decoration.