What it means to dress stylishly: tips for women and men

Style is your reflection, not an image borrowed from a fashion magazine a. Start from this thought the next time you go to the store. In this way, a common mistake will be avoided: a person simply does not see how things are sitting on him. The truth is obscured by a picture peeped in gloss. See below for more tips and tricks about style.

How to dress a woman who wants to be stylish

Need to find your own style! It is not easy to do this alone, but we are ready to help.

What affects the choice of clothes

The task is not easy, since when choosing ladies they are guided by several factors:

  • features and color type of appearance;
  • age;
  • occupation;
  • internal preferences.

As you can see, there is no fashion on the list. This means that you don’t need to chase big names on labels . Otherwise, you will get a wardrobe that is conflicting in content, which requires constant updating and takes into account not your personal data, but the moods and results of couturier’s creative fabrications.

We take into account fashion trends

At the same time, fashion should not be completely ignored . But in the course of the appeal to it, it is necessary not to study current trends today, but to understand the theory and find out:

  • what style directions exist;
  • when a particular style was in fashion;
  • which social strata often turn to a particular style;
  • what things, accessories, hairstyle, shoes, cosmetics will help emphasize the chosen style.

Important! Fashion is cyclical, and on average, the same trend is at the peak of popularity for 10 years. For a year or two it flashes on the catwalks, then for 3-4 years it is actively used by consumers. The remaining time, the trend "dies."

Do not forget about occupation

Having studied the theory of fashion, overlay the obtained data on your own age, features of appearance and occupation. These factors will allow you to accurately choose one specific direction. And the last moment - the type of activity - is almost decisive.

To understand this, we compare the preferences and activities of an office lady and a young mother .

The activities of the representatives of these groups are completely different. Therefore, a woman who has recently given birth will not choose the official style . After all, it is based on wardrobe items that require scrupulous care and are impractical with high physical activity.

For her daily activities, things made of non-creasing materials, bags with a well-thought-out placement system and comfortable shoes are more suitable. She will find these wardrobe items faster among the branches of “casual” l. But the office lady, this option will not be able to provide the solutions necessary for her kind of activity.

Estimate the figure

In addition to the social role, be sure to consider the type of figure .

  • " Triangle ": the emphasis is on the upper body.
  • Circle ”: legs and chest are important.
  • Hourglass : pay attention to the bends.
  • Rectangle : emphasis on the waist.
  • Inverted Triangle : on the lower torso.

Choose your colors

Having decided on the direction, examine your wardrobe for its compliance with a specific style. Unsuitable things, remove and proceed to the formation of a new image. At this step, it will be useful to learn about the compatibility of colors, the rules for combining things and the basic wardrobe for a girl of a certain age. The first question is easier to understand based on the color wheel.

How to use the color wheel

The color wheel is an ordered tablet.

You can use it in different ways, but there are three main ways.

  • First: take the colors that make up the visual equilateral triangle .
  • Second: take tones from neighboring compartments .
  • Third: take the opposite shades (just visually draw a straight line through the center of the circle).

Stylish color combinations

There are a lot of rules for combinations of things. The issue is studied separately when considering each thing. Therefore, we outline only the main recommendations and comments.

  • The focus is exclusively on one area, and this part of the body should be attractive .
  • The image, built on 1-3 colors, is considered harmonious from a classical point of view.
  • The easiest way to combine objects that are similar in texture .

Important! These recommendations are not suitable for those who have chosen eclecticism for themselves.

Three basic rules for creating a stylish wardrobe

Regarding the basic wardrobe, three points should be made clear.

  • The first rule: every 10 years you need to change dramatically . So, things for a 30-year-old no longer look so impressive on a 40-year-old woman.
  • The second rule: there are wardrobe items that can be worn by moving to a different age category . For example, a skirt-cap.
  • The third rule: some things “skip” through 1-2 age groups . To understand this, take the elongated trench coat of the classic type. It is recommended to get it at 30 and 50 years old, but 40-year-old ladies need a different length and a different cut.

Stylish women lessons

  • Not everything is “retro” that has gone out of fashion . A thing that is not relevant in style is a sure way to break the general mood of the ensemble, and sometimes add a few years to yourself.
  • Underwear is the key to success . But you should not wear shorts and corsets with strong compression at the expense of health. It is not necessary to demonstrate the individual parts of the bra or panties.

Important! Remember that under transparent white things they don’t put on white, but bodily underwear.

  • A safe way to indicate femininity is to highlight the waist zone . The difference between the hips, waist and chest, emphasized in this way, will allow others to see the fair sex in you than a deep neckline or a provocative mini.
  • Not all prints are safe . Let naive and children's drawings remain in the past or within the home environment. And pick up actual floral patterns for several years, taking into account the physique. Large buds quite often grow full, as well as very small ones with an incorrect arrangement and the wrong color scheme. Well, older ladies will be more correct to make the basic part of the wardrobe from plain, but refreshing in color things.

  • Color type - to face! The color type may not be so important in the case of shoes, accessories, bottom. But the top and everything that frames the face must be selected in accordance with the laws of the color type. Otherwise, it is easy to make a mistake and give the face yellowness or a greenish tint. Or make it more red or pale, emphasize the flaws and get lost on an overly catchy background.
  • Universal style fails! A universal style that can refresh and contain solutions for women of different incomes, lifestyle, appearance and age - French chic. In its framework, wide straight trousers, men's shirts and elegant dresses are fancifully combined.
  • Do not forget about the sense of proportion and the need to look tidy.

    Important! Add the rule of mandatory fitting to these tips - do not buy anything without it!

A few words about jewelry

Jewelry should be like jewelry . Reason: successful imitations of jewelry are extremely rare, and poorly executed jewelry will cheapen the image.

The number of jewelry does not guarantee the quality of the image . The ban on the simultaneous wearing of several rings or bracelets is actually not caused by the fact that such an alliance is in principle unacceptable. In fact, it is possible and necessary to make sets, but only to those who really have a refined taste and sense of style. It is incredibly difficult and only a few can do it. Therefore, for security reasons, and in the absence of “crusts” of the stylist, it is better to dwell on only one ring, and leave the other fingers “free” .

As a result, get an idea of ​​how to become a stylish woman.

How a man to be stylish

Recommendations that can be taken by representatives of the stronger sex.

  • To make it easier to perceive information, give up skepticism and the idea that a man can only wear black socks (their shade and thickness is selected taking into account shoes and trousers).
  • Get ready for spending on new clothes and partially getting rid of the old wardrobe.
  • Wear things that are clear in decor, color and shape - restraint and simplicity are a priority!
  • The thing should sit well on you, and not on a mannequin or fashion model.

Important! Do not ignore folds, sagging, shifting lines due to only praise received from the seller or spouse.

  • Do not wear the same things day after day .
  • You need white and blue shirts ! Buy them first.
  • Pay attention to the layering . But remember that this concept includes not only a pile of casual things, but also a classic three-piece suit, over which a trench coat is thrown.
  • Consider the place you are going to visit.
  • Make a basic wardrobe, and only then expand it with clothes that are at the peak of popularity.

Take into account age!

  • 20 years is the time of experiments.
  • 30 years - it is necessary to create a harmonious wardrobe for filling.
  • 40 years - we focus on quality and durability, multiplied by restraint.
  • 50+ - we remove the last signs of untidiness, we strive for composure and a classic style.

Important points for stylish men

By age 30, you should learn and stop ignoring important rules.

  • Strap: fastens on the third hole from the beginning, and not on the last or penultimate one.
  • Watch: only on the arm, not on the cuff of the shirt!
  • Tie: it should reach the edge of the belt in length, but it cannot be lowered below.

And remember that there is no universal shoe . This also applies to classic shoes and white sneakers.