What is included in the family bedding set

Beautiful high-quality bedding provides good sleep and health for family members. We select the correct set of the appropriate size correctly.

Bed linen has always been the subject of special attention of the hostesses. It made up the bulk of the bride’s dowry; the best fabrics were used for sewing it, knowing that performance and health depend on the quality of night sleep. A good rest is possible only on a suitably sized linen that will not crawl out of bed and slide down under the weight of the sleeping person.

Family bedding

Requirements for the size of bed linen are caused by:

  • the size of the bed;
  • sizes of blankets and pillows;
  • individual preferences.

Modern standard bedroom furniture is made a little larger than 10 or 15 years ago. For the correct selection of the bed, the hostess needs to know the size of the bed on which an adult or a couple sleeps. If there are two mattresses on it - you need to know the size of each of them.

The usual beds are 180–200 cm long and are designed for one or two people. On sale there are beds of custom sizes and shapes. In order for the sleep to be comfortable, the linen should be larger than the mattress, pillows and blankets:

  • 70–90 cm wider than the mattress;
  • 5-7 cm wider than the blankets;
  • 4-6 cm wider than the pillow.

Commercially available kits will vary in the number of items in the kit and their size. On sale you can find sets:

  • kits for one person;
  • for two people - double and family.

Complete set and sizes of bed linen in Russia

KitDuvet coverSheetPillowcase
doubleoneone2 (4)
Eurooneone2 (4)
family2one2 (4)

Which kit is better is impossible to say, the choice always depends on the taste of the person. Read a detailed article on bedding sizes.

The sizes and complete set of bed linen in Europe and the USA

The size, type and equipment of bedding traditionally depends on the customs of each nation. Large pillows, characteristic of the expanses of the CIS and Germany, are completely incomprehensible to the Czech or Italian. Distinctive features of a complete set of linen in sets are:

  • in Europe - without sheets, they are sold separately;
  • in the United States - the absence of a duvet cover; instead, a sheet is offered, which is attached to the blanket with buttons or pins.

There are options for summer and winter sets of various fabrics, sets in which the number of pillowcases is increased - two of them have a decorative design. A sheet with an elastic band is widespread - it is selected according to the size of the mattress. When buying underwear sets abroad, check what is included in the package.

Labeling of linen of European and American manufacturers is different, and this is a tribute to tradition, since a different measurement system is used. USA and UK traditionally measure in feet and inches, Europeans use the metric system.

European sizes and equipment

The difference between European linen and the usual Russian is size, a variety of cut pillowcases. It is designed for wide beds with high mattresses.

European sets and sizes in meters

NamesSheetDuvet coverPillowcase
Single / twin1.83 x 2.741.45 x 2.000.51 x 0.76
Double / full2.29 x 2.742.00 x 2.200.51 x 0.76
King / queen2.30 x 2.201.80 x 2.000.51 x 0.76
King / queen305 x 3202.60 x 2.200.51 x 0.76

The sizes have the name:

Full - similar to the traditional double Russian, no more.

Queen - meets the domestic European intellect, but traditionally more by a few centimeters:

Single - for one person, differs in a little big size.

American linen sizes and equipment

American kits and sizes in meters

Single / twin1.68 x 2.441.70 x 2.200.51 x 0.76
Double / full2.06 x 2.441.93 x 2.200.51 x 0.76
King / queen2.31 x 2.592.20 x 2.300.51 x 0.86
King / queen2.74 x 2.592.64 x 2.340.51 x 1.02

The following marking of bed linen is also on sale:

  • King-size - especially large size, will be appropriate for a special bed.
  • 2, 1, 5, 1-bed - notes sets of various types for one or 2 people.
  • extra long single - one and a half set with a longer sheet length;
  • Family - a set with two duvet covers for a married couple.
  • fitted sheet - a sheet with an elastic band is included, it is found in sets with a width of more than 140 cm and is selected according to the size of the mattress.

Marking home textiles for sleep that you should focus on

In a packaged bedding set, an insert is necessarily placed with a description of its characteristics and equipment. The manufacturer’s marking is represented by a label, tape, stamp.

The presence of these labels, which determine the manufacturer, the composition of the fabric and the configuration confirms the quality of the laundry.

Type of material used

The manufacturers use:

  • natural fabrics;
  • synthetic;
  • from a mixture of fibers.

The main materials used for sewing bed linen from natural fabrics are:

Cotton is a traditional fabric for sewing bed linen. It absorbs moisture well and does not trap air. Does not accumulate static electricity. The disadvantage is that it sits when washing. Fabrics with excellent user qualities are made on the basis of cotton threads of various weaving:

  • Satin - a material made of strongly twisted cotton threads, resembles silk, can withstand more than 200 washings;
  • calico - dense, strong and simple material, holds color well;
  • chintz is a cheap material that quickly wears out and fades;
  • biomatin - a material that combines the properties of calico and satin, has the ability to maintain the natural temperature of the body in the cold and hot season;
  • ranfors - a material similar to calico, but softer, maintains physiological body temperature.
  • twill - material similar to satin, but not as dense and cheaper than satin;
  • cambric - a soft, very thin fabric. For sewing bedding is used only in rare cases;
  • percale - soft, smooth, silky-looking fabric, extremely wear-resistant, withstands more than 800 washes without loss of quality;
  • poplin - durable and soft material, tolerates washing well;
  • flannel is a warm material, typically “winter”, but does not dry well due to its thickness and quickly wears out.

Flax is a material traditional for Russia, it is durable, hygroscopic, and allows air to pass through. Its consumer qualities are better than cotton, it has antibacterial properties, linen is pleasant to the skin.

Disadvantages - sits down during washing, easily wrinkles, it is difficult to iron.

Silk is an extremely pleasant to the skin, light and durable material with a good ability to pass air and moisture.

The disadvantage is the high price, it requires complex care and does not tolerate direct sunlight.

Atlas is a silk-like but cheaper material.

Disadvantages - slides and slides off the mattress, drags on washing.

From synthetic materials are used:

  • Polyester is a completely artificial, rigid material. It does not let air in, it often builds up a static discharge.
  • Disadvantage - not suitable for bedding;
  • Bamboo fabric - visually and in properties similar to silk. The basis is bamboo, processed and shaped like a fiber, so the fabric is referred to as synthetics. Has antibacterial properties;
  • Artificial silk is a synthetic based on viscose silk and cellulose, satin weave is used in the fabric. Durable, soft fabric, does not fade.
  • Disadvantage - poorly removes moisture and air.

Mixed fiber fabrics used for sewing linen:

  • Polycotton - a blended fabric of cotton and polyester (cotton ratio from 52 to 85%). It does not crease, it is well erased and does not sit. The disadvantage is that it does not allow air to pass through, it is poorly tolerated by allergy sufferers.

On the liner or label of quality linen must be an indication of the density of the fabric. For fabrics:

  • Low density indicator is equal to 20-30 threads per square. cm;
  • medium density - up to 65 threads;
  • high - up to 130 threads.

The resistance to wear, their price, depends on the density level.

Product Dimensions

Data on this is indicated on the package or insert. For the right choice you need to know the size of the mattress and soft bedding.

Name of the manufacturer

The name of the manufacturer is indicated on the packaging. This is a sealed bag, but for more expensive or gift sets, a PVC bag, a packing cardboard box or a gift bag with a trademark logo is used. The most famous manufacturers of quality inexpensive linen are: Valtery, Silid, Cleo, Vasilisa, Asabella, Tac, Monolith, Casabel, MonaLisa, representing Turkey, Russia and China. The label must indicate the manufacturer’s address, contact details, email or website.

Trademark - the emblem of the company, its symbolic image is indicated on the packaging. If the name does not match the symbolism of the brand, the product is of poor quality. Sometimes the quality of not very well-known, novice brands is no different in quality from the products of famous brands.

Care Conventions

The packaging indicates the symbol for the care of the laundry. Primary requirements:

  • temperature for machine or hand wash - 30–40 degrees ;
  • Do not use bleach;
  • Ironing at medium temperature
  • the possibility of using a tumble dryer or a similar function of a washing machine;
  • a ban on the use of chemicals for cleaning stains.

The choice and purchase of a bed should be approached with all responsibility - family health depends on this. Well-selected, high-quality linen lasts a long time and does not lose its appearance when washing.