What if sneakers are big?

It often happens that after buying new sneakers, coming home and at the first putting on, it turns out that they are big. It seems that in the store when trying on the shoes were in size, and then it turned out that the legs felt a large space. But what to do, how to reduce the size? ..

There can be many reasons, since the legs tend to swell and contract from the cold. A lot depends on which sock the sneakers were measured for the first time. Here are a few options for how to deal with this problem and get a suitable size.

Methods to reduce running shoes by 1 size

Using simple tools at hand, you can achieve a decrease in sneakers at home. This will make it possible to wear shoes conveniently and comfortably.

Hot water

We recommend that you soak the sole and edges inside the shoes with warm (hot) water . And then, dry at room temperature.

Attention! Do not dry near open flames, electrical appliances, or batteries.

Cotton swab

Place a cotton swab in the toe so that your toes do not feel uncomfortable when worn.

Advice! Cotton wool, it is desirable to stretch the fibers, and only then put in shoes.

Sticky sticker

In the heel area, we put a pad of a soft shape. Press firmly on the insole, this will make it possible to reduce the space inside. In modern shoe stores, ready-made adhesive pads are available for sale. Tear off the surface film and attach the sticker to the heel.

Double insoles

Use the double insoles that you can make yourself. We take the foam rubber and stand on one leg, then circle the colored felt-tip pen. Next, we circle 2 cm more parallel to the first circuit, then carefully cut. We insert inside the sneaker and put the insole on top. Reduced size by one time.

Important! Foam rubber is required to be washed 2 times a week, since it is typical for it to absorb odors.

Using the freezer and battery

Pour hot water into the basin and for 5 minutes put shoes for getting wet . Then, pull out and hang on heat. As soon as the water stopped dripping, we wrap it in a tight bag and put it in the freezer for 3 hours. After time, we pull out and put near the battery. With sudden changes in temperature, the shoes are compressed and reduced.

With steam and freezer

Hold the shoes over steam for 10 minutes, then put them in the freezer for a couple of hours . The size will decrease, but if you use this method often, the material may lose its properties and sewing structure. And the appearance does not change for the better.

Before using any home method, try to find out about the properties of the material from which the shoes are made, and only then apply effective methods in practice.

If possible, immediately try to return this shoe back and replace it with a suitable one in actual size. So you can avoid problems in the future that you don’t have to bother with in new shoes and look for ways to reduce them, even if you like them. And then, the most important thing is to avoid the ridiculous appearance from the outside.