What is a hobo bag?

A soft and roomy hobo bag is in the wardrobes of more than 50% of the fair sex. It is comfortable and soft, allows you to accommodate a lot of things. In addition, this model is suitable for almost any style of clothing. In our country, such an accessory is simply called a “bag”, the true name “hobo” has not taken root in Russia and few people call such a bag that way.

What is a hobo style?

Hobo is a roomy product made of soft material that is ideal for shopping or going to the gym. A short strap and crescent-style are the hallmark of this model of accessory. Previously, the product completely lacked a zipper or any kind of fastener. Today, designers corrected this oversight by making the products fastened.

Important! The bag originates at a time when farm workers traveled from place to place, collecting all their belongings in a small cloth, which they tied and hung on a shoulder or stick. In the image of the ancestor of the bag, a modern model without a fastener was made.

Inside the bag consists of the only large compartment in which the designers prudently sewn a small hanging pocket. It is useful for keys or little things. In general, such a bag is very spacious and can accommodate a large number of personal items.

Types of Hobo Bags

Today, the market has a huge selection of bags of a similar style. They can be made of various materials and have different sizes. The most popular materials are leather and suede.

Important! Choosing such a bag, you should clearly determine the size of the product and the material from which it is made. The main thing is that it fits a large part of everyday wardrobe and is convenient for carrying personal items.


Leather products look good and keep their shape perfectly. When using such a bag, it seems that it is bottomless. It contains a huge number of items, for which she is valued by fashionistas of all ages.

Products made of genuine soft leather can be decorated with various prints, ornaments, rhinestones, sequins and other decorative elements. Fantasy fashion designers have virtually no limits. Many well-known brands offer leather hobos.

From suede

Genuine suede hobo always looks elegant and respectable. Many business women choose this style for daily trips to work. Women brought to the podium bags of natural suede in gray-brown, burgundy or dark blue tones . According to statistics, these are the most popular color schemes in bags of a similar model.

Models with designer prints decorated with fringe or various decorative elements look very original and beautiful. Wide leather straps look great as a handle for such a product. Suede products are great for casual, evening or business attire.

Other materials

In addition to genuine leather and suede, artificial substitutes for these fabrics can be used. In addition, recently in the patchwork style bags, as well as combined from various textured materials, deserve special popularity.

All of them have an undoubted advantage, a huge capacity. Women who are used to carrying all the necessary things with them will definitely appreciate this style of accessory. In addition to materials, bags are divided into "giants", "midgets" and the average size of the model. They vary in size and shape, from the largest to the smallest.

What to carry such a bag with?

A striking indicator that the hobo is a mega-popular accessory is the fact that most Hollywood stars prefer this particular style. It is almost universal and goes well with most everyday bows :

  • feminine everyday look (such a bag fits perfectly with a dress of any length and open sandals with a small steady heel);
  • free urban style (stylish leggings or skinny jeans combined with a voluminous sweater and open low-heeled ankle boots, an inconspicuous giant model of monochrome shades is suitable for this outfit;
  • autumn set (an elongated coat or sheepskin coat in combination with a skirt or jeans, a medium-sized product will fit perfectly into a similar bow);
  • spring look (a dress of a free cut up to the middle of the thigh, an elongated raincoat of fresh mint color and a hobo bag to match the outer clothing, this outfit looks very fresh, classic “boats” with high thin heels are chosen as shoes).

Important! It is worth choosing your own image in order to look truly original and stylish. The bag will fit almost any chosen outfit.

Hobo brands

All modern design houses offer in their collection a hobo, as one of the options for accessories for everyday dresses. They go well with any of the wardrobe items and various combinations.

  1. There are recognizable products like Burberry. They are represented in the collection quite a lot. There are monophonic models and styles decorated with prints, as well as products from branded trend fabric.
  2. The Gianni Conti brand is very fond of combining various textures and presenting patchwork styles to fashion lovers. These are truly amazing and attractive models that will originally complement any wardrobe.
  3. Quality products are offered by the Italian company Furla. The company uses the skin of different breeds (for example, python, crocodile, young calves), which looks great in finished products and attracts the attention of others.

Hobo has always been the perfect accessory for carrying different items. Today it is a stylish wardrobe item not only for women, but also for men.