What hat to wear with a mink coat (photo)

Natural fur always looks beautiful, expensive and elegant. Accessories must be selected individually and competently. Now designers offer many beautiful bows (ensembles) with mink coats of different colors and styles.

How to choose a hat for the style of a mink coat?

Traditional combinations of plain hats and fur coats are already out of fashion. Now many models are distinguished by the contrast of shades and a combination of bright saturated colors, which would previously be considered a bad taste.

Stylists offer non-standard original solutions for contrasting tones, textures and shapes .

Of great importance are the shape of the face, hair color, etc.

It is worth noting a few rules that relate to the proper use of hats. They are suitable directly for use with a mink coat.

Basic rules when choosing a hat

Knitted hats

Many people think that knitted hats are very simple and will not look in combination with expensive real fur.

But modern fashion dictates other rules. It is worth considering several basic rules so that the knitted hat is in harmony with the mink coat.

Knitted hat should be made of natural yarn. This will not only make it more attractive, but the color and shade more saturated, but also qualitatively distinguish it against the background of a fur product.

Choose a plain hat, it will emphasize the elegance of appearance.

A knitted hat is perfect for cropped fur products, as well as, for example, a vest.

With long massive fur coats (to the floor) they will not look. This combination will look quite tasteless.

Knitted hats are suitable for young ladies. Young girls look great in this image. Fashionable stylists recommend a variety of hats to them - optimal solutions to use knitwear in the winter season.


An ageless classic is considered to be a beret that will never go out of style.

Some rules can be noted in order to correctly combine berets with a mink coat:

  • The use of pastel shades . They look the most expensive and elegant. The combination of natural fur and classic beret is one of the most profitable and optimal solutions.
  • Properly choose makeup . A natural make-up is great, where emphasis is placed on expressive eyebrows, a neutral color of the eyeshadows and a neat lip gloss.

Fur hats

The trend is a beautiful combination of fur hats with mink coats. Now it is a fashionable bow, it is becoming popular and in demand among women of fashion of different ages.

Traditional ensembles are the same fur and color, with the exception of arctic fox . A large amount of fur can make its owner like a polar explorer.

A popular solution is a hat made from pieces of natural material . The hue of the hat should be in harmony with the color of the fur coat.

It can be plain fur hats, but you can use the great opportunity to play in contrasts.

A hat of white, light coffee, sand or other shade is suitable for a black fur coat. And vice versa, for a light mink coat, a hat of chocolate, gray, reddish tones will be a beautiful combination.

Women hats

Most modern fashionistas do not recognize any kind of hats. They remain faithful to a style that will never go out of style, namely, neat female headgear items.

Hats are distinguished by their incredible femininity and luxurious elegance. Stylish images will look great with any fur products: long and massive or shortened fur coats (vests) with or without a belt .

Hats made of velor, felt or velvet look good , they are in trend today. But weather conditions do not always allow you to wear hats, for frost you need warm hats - fur hats.

In the new season, stylists offer fashion from the 1920s - cloche hats (from the French “cloche”) with small margins. They can be of any shade, with flowers or bows:

  • felt - this is a classic material for the manufacture of bell hats;
  • downy;
  • textile;
  • hats with curved brim;
  • with classic short margins;
  • borderless.

Scarves with fur

Modern designers offer new solutions - scarves with fur, they can be worn with a mink coat. In the modern world, the use of a scarf with and without fur is becoming popular in order to use it in combination with natural fur.

A large number of girls and women do not perceive this combination and prefer more expensive hats. But fashionistas are happy to wear original scarves with beautiful fur trim.

It is worth noting its advantages:

  • Fur shawl is perfect for any mink coat: long, knee-length or shortened fur coat .
  • It is better to use a plain shawl, so as not to distinguish a hat from natural fur.
  • You can use a colorful scarf, but the color scheme should be beautifully combined with the shade of a fur coat.
  • The advantage of the scarf is its functionality, it can be used in the form of a shawl.

A scarf with fur is a stylish solution for modern women of fashion, they will look elegant. It is only necessary to use it wisely. This will help diversify your wardrobe.

Speaking directly about the mink coat, the color of the headgear matched to it should be an optimal and competent type. To do this, you need to learn a few rules on the basic selection of the above accessory.

How to choose a hat color?

Many people have many questions about the beautiful combination of natural fur with a hat. Some modern ladies believe that you need to use only expensive fur hats to create an individual


Fashion trends offer a variety of solutions that strike with original combinations of colors, textures and shapes.

Everyone has the opportunity to experiment with their own style.

Recommendations on how to choose the color of the cap under the mink coat:

  • It is better to choose a gray cap if the mink coat is of a similar shade or differs by 0.5-1 tone.
  • Keep in mind the age of the owner of the fur coat and hat . If a woman is over forty, it is better to choose a hat of neutral shades to emphasize femininity and beauty. Girls have more options for choosing creative and vibrant colors.
  • The motley colors of hats and scarves are worn with products of black and dark tones . They look great and win against the rest of the options.
  • Hats made of felt (velor) are best selected in a tone similar to the shade of a fur coat.

Matching the style of the headgear to the proportions of the face

Each woman has her own type of face, which should stand out beautifully against the background of the chosen image. Sometimes a woman (girl) should make a lot of effort to correctly choose a hat.

Face Types:

  • Oval face . The beret, the classic style of earflaps, as well as the free and wide cut of hats, are suitable for him.
  • Round face . These women (girls) fit hats with visors and small fields.
  • Square face . If a fashionista has a square face shape, she needs to use Beanie hats, berets and various caps.

Before buying hats, you should try on all models to find the most suitable combination for a mink coat.

Fashionable styles of hats

We will analyze the fashionable styles of hats that will be beautifully combined with a mink coat:

  • Berets are a classic headdress.
  • Beanie hats are great for young people.
  • Volumetric knitted hats . Hats with large (small) viscous are optimal in order to use them for combination with short vests.
  • Fur hats are suitable for all types of fur coats.
  • Cloche hats.

Now the trend is the original models of mink coats with a hood . For them, hats (hats or scarves) should not be voluminous and colorful.

It is better to choose a neat product so that it does not stand out against the background of an expensive mink. A small hat allows you to easily use the hood.

Beret, a hat or a volumetric hat will be inappropriate here.

Beautiful combinations of hats and mink coats

The color of a mink fur product may have several shades that should be considered when choosing a headdress.

Let's consider what colors of caps can be considered the best solutions:

  • Neutral shades of various hats are perfect for mink coats.
  • An interesting option would be the selection of bright, colorful products . They fit perfectly into the image of a stylish girl, and make him creative. Original colors include: pink, saturated blue, burgundy, red, olive and other shades.

Stylist Tips

Professional stylists recommend paying attention not only to the hat (hat or scarf), but also to the shoes. They should harmonize not only in color, but also in the chosen style.

Modern designers are advised to have in their wardrobe several types of different hats, berets and shawls to be able to change their image more often.

You can get acquainted with the fashionable bows of the new collections in the photos that stylists offer us in the coming season. Everyone will find interesting patterns to express their individuality.

Knowing the fashion trends of the current season, it is easy to pick up a stylish bow. If the chosen image is perfect for you, you will look amazing.