What to go for a walk with a dog to be fashionable, but comfortable

Happy people, whose dog became a member of their families, are sure to add a walk with a pet in the fresh air to the daily to-do list. And it requires a certain appearance. Especially for girls who care about their appearance and love to follow trends. Indeed, during walks you can make acquaintances with people of the opposite sex and find friends and like-minded people.

Fashion for dog lovers

First of all, a walk is a long-awaited activity for a dog, be it small or large breed. The clothes of the owner should be comfortable, not restrict traffic and withstand high physical exertion. A good option would be sports or street style.


If, in addition to a simple walk, active games with a four-legged friend are planned, it is better to specially purchase or sew training clothes. In winter - an insulated jumpsuit with pockets for goodies and personal items. In the summer - an easy, but not easily soiled tracksuit.

If the dog is large, do not wear short shorts and tops. In a burst of joy, a dog can scratch exposed skin. And even if there are no wounds left, ugly stripes on the skin will be provided.

Also an excellent and convenient addition to the image will be the belt bag popular today. You can put food and water in it for a long walk.

Outerwear should be sized and not interfere with activity. If it is cold outside, feel free to wear a bright, but not easily soiled parka with a hood or a comfortable jacket-leather jacket with leather jackets. It is better to give preference to wear-resistant materials.

The same criteria apply to trousers as to other clothes. It can be not very battered sweatpants or stretch skinny on the figure.

With a stylish accessory you can complete the look and emphasize your appearance. It can be a cap, a jockey, a hat or a trend hat.

The classic look for a walk around the city is plain jeans, a plaid shirt, leather. And from hats - caps in the color of a jacket.

Recently, "family" bows are gaining popularity. If the dog also wears clothes in the winter, then this is a great chance for the hostess to show creativity and imagination. You can choose outfits for yourself and your pet in the same color and style, or even sew them yourself.


Shoes are best chosen with a low stable heel or flat shoes. Be sure to consider the time of year and weather conditions. Depending on the situation, it can be: sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes, boots, slip-on shoes, slippers, boots, half boots, espadrilles or sandals.

You can buy special shoes only for walking. Let it be running or walking sneakers for the summer and warm boots for the winter.

If the dog likes to splash around in puddles, then this should also be taken into account. In the "wet" season, you can buy bright rubber waterproof boots.

What you can’t walk with a dog

And now we will discuss something in which it is definitely impossible to appear.

1. Well-worn clothing. Darned for the tenth time, having lost color and shape, all in spools of her favorite jacket - a taboo for any woman. No matter how convenient and dear to the heart the thing may be, you will have to say goodbye to it. Not like in public - even at home it’s better not to dress like that. You need to be able to get rid of unsightly clothes.

2. Clothing from the nineties. Often in the wardrobe of women, things from their youth are stored, which at one time were at the peak of popularity, and for some reason the mistress cannot say goodbye to things that have long gone out of fashion. Even if they are in perfect condition - flared jeans, a huge down jacket or acid leggings are long gone. Let them stay there!

3. Men's jacket. Many people like to borrow outerwear for walks from their husband, father, uncle or older brother. And no matter how comfortable the jacket is - a shapeless bag from someone else's shoulder is not the most fashionable addition to the image of a dog lover. Especially if you are not averse to making interesting acquaintances during a walk. Men's clothing will definitely scare away men who want to chat and get to know each other.

4. Spectacular studs. If a family has a labrador, husky, shepherd or other active large dog, then a walk with it can resemble running over rough terrain. Both clothes and shoes should be fully appropriate to the environment. A girl wading through bushes in high heels is a very miserable sight.

5. The clothes are out of season. Even if the plans do not have to be in the fresh air for too long, do not neglect your own health. In winter, leaking sneakers and a light jacket can play a trick. And in the summer under the scorching sun it is so easy to earn a sunstroke without a hat! Be sure to look at the thermometer before going out, analyze the weather and think once again about comfort for yourself and your pet.