What gifts from the mother-in-law are not always clear to the daughter-in-law?

Well-worn things, cheap perfumes, dishes with a monstrous pattern - this is what sometimes daughters-in-law have to face after the generosity of the mother-in-law. If some gifts from parents are simply unsuitable for use, then others can cause serious harm (intentional or unintentional). Learn to identify them before the moment of acceptance, otherwise your married life will be full of torment, quarrels and turmoil. Health problems, financial difficulties, and other troubles are also possible.

What gifts from mother-in-law promise problems?

In fact, it’s easier to name the presentations that can be taken from any person, including a negative one, than to indicate all those things that should not be taken from the husband’s mother. They do not carry a negative charge and are neutral: tablecloths, carpets, pillows, handles . Take these things with a calm heart and be sure to thank the mother-in-law for the offering. The best way to block negative energy is to let a gift into your world and home with a smile, goodwill and joy.

Important! Take an expensive present from your mother-in-law for a wedding with a calm soul and gratitude. This is a safe gift. If the heart is still worried and anxiously tightens, then read the prayer over the offering before the first use.


"Choke" from communication with the mother-in-law, if you accept. Relationship problems are complemented by a gift context. It is believed that a scarf is given when they want to identify and strengthen their dominance.

Important! In no case do not take used things from a person who has bad habits: an excessive pathological love for alcohol, the opposite of sex or drugs. Put on this wardrobe item - “surpass” the donor by his sin.

Special attention should be paid to a knitted scarf and, in general, all things from yarn. If such an object is presented before the wedding, treason cannot be avoided.


Not the best option at once for several reasons:

  • Firstly, an animal that is not selected by the owner itself becomes attached to it much more slowly. There is no initial connection that helps the pet to see authority in a particular person.
  • Secondly, there is a high probability of aggressive behavior on the part of a living gift. Sooner or later, but you have to part with it.
  • Thirdly, you can unconsciously transfer your attitude to the mother-in-law to a poor creature. In this case, it’s not it, but you will begin to show unmotivated hostility. And this can already have serious consequences. Up to the criminal article.

You also need to consider which particular pet was presented. Fish - to minor troubles. Cat - to the problems. Dog - to swear.


Psychologists do not recommend giving women objects that are even indirectly related to weight. You can not present subscriptions to the gym, nor drugs for weight loss, nor scales. This is at an intuitive basic level perceived as an insult. Like, you're fat, you urgently need to put yourself in order. There is also a belief that such a present from the mother-in-law can affect the appearance of the receiving side.


Perhaps the worst present is the cross. The donor literally transfers his heavy cross to another person . You can accept such a gift only in one case: immediately before baptism and provided that the mother-in-law was chosen as the godmother.

Also, do not take silver items from the donor . The metal presented as a gift will block your intuition, foreboding and magical abilities (provided that they were originally present). No matter how much you read conspiracies to purify yourself from the influence of such an object, you will not succeed. You will have to turn to an experienced psychic for help, and then there is no guarantee of a successful outcome.

Another extremely dangerous gift is bells and jewelry, which somehow relate to them . Such a present - to death. But pearls and objects from it, although not considered a good gift, but they can not do serious harm. True, the daughter-in-law will cry from such a generous gesture of her mother-in-law. Perhaps a lot.


A lot of beliefs are concentrated around the shoes, but the worst thing is with home slippers. A person who has received such a gift will soon leave the donor's family. Moreover, “leaving” in this context does not always equal “leaving” or “leaving” the family. Death is also a departure.

Important! The worst situation with a white shade of donated shoes.

To the icon

Offering religious paraphernalia is unacceptable, it will draw strength from you . Also ridiculed Christian symbols turn into satanic devices - this is widely used by witches for impairment (including "to death"). If the refusal of the gift is impossible, then at its acceptance do not say “thank you” to the husband’s mother. Kiss the image of the saint, nod to the woman, but do not say or do anything else.

Important! There is a tradition of offering icons to newlywed parents. As part of a wedding or wedding, you can accept such a gift. In an extreme case, if you are confident in the evil intentions and moods of the donor, sanctify the face of the saint in the church.

After accepting an unwanted religious gift, do not incinerate, donate, or dispose of it. If there is any doubt about the purity of the giver’s thoughts, then just bring the gift to the church and ask the clergyman to take the icon for the needs of the parish.

Salt shaker

Do not take such a present. He is able to bring to your home:

  • financial difficulties;
  • health problems (not only for you, but also for all of your household);
  • donor difficulties.

Salt absorbs energy well and quickly. It will bring you what lies on the soul of the donor and what he experiences at this particular moment.


The most controversial case is the adoption of a family heirloom in the form of an engagement ring or ring.

  • On the one hand, the subject has been saturated with family energy over decades, and even over centuries of use.
  • On the other hand, a strange family - the darkness. You will never know how your spouse’s ancestors really lived. Perhaps behind the screen of an indestructible married couple hid constant betrayal, domestic violence, mutual neglect of the functions of the parent and spouse.
  • With the third, not to accept such a thing is difficult enough. A loved one saw a ring on the hand of his mother or grandmother. He will definitely want to see it on the finger of a woman whom he appreciates, loves and respects as much as he loved the previous owner of the ring.

Therefore, there is nothing left to do but accept the thing, but after it is taken to the church and sanctified. Until then, it is better not to put on a finger. Well, or at least read the plot on health before the first use.


Existing signs:

  • to get them - to soon separation, parting;
  • normal relations with the donor will last as long as the clock goes;
  • the recipient will live as long as the hours will work.

Lighters and other sources of flame

Everything connected with fire can put an end to family well-being. The married hearth, fed by negative energy, will flare up, the fire will get out of control and will spread to the home environment. After endless destructive quarrels from past prosperity there will be nothing left, only ashes.


If you do not want to live with your spouse and his parents on knives, then never take piercing-cutting objects from your mother-in-law . Normalizing the situation will not help even buying out. The only way to stop swearing is:

  • you need to give the donor money and clarify what it is for a knife;
  • read a conservative conspiracy;
  • throw unsuccessful present in the river.

Pink and blue baby things

They pose a risk to a pregnant woman . Accept them - provoke a miscarriage.