What fashionable woman to choose for herself in the men's department

During shopping, few women will come to mind to look into the men's department. But in vain, because there are sold things that are suitable not only for men . With the development of street fashion and casual style, many wardrobe items have become universal. Moreover, often men's options look on ladies much more spectacular than analogues purchased in a women's store . And most importantly - they make a woman younger!

What things can a woman choose in the men's department

REFERENCE! Male models differ from female models in the simplicity of cut and the absence of unnecessary decor. They are expressive precisely with their laconicism and at the same time slight negligence.

It is not a matter of completely changing the wardrobe to a man's. But there are things that are definitely worth buying in the department for men.


If you are plagued by doubts about the idea of ​​wearing men's clothing, try on the shirt of your boyfriend or husband. Against the background of a voluminous, uncomplicated shirt, you will look incredibly feminine and sophisticated .

A win-win option, of course, is a white classic. Also worth attention is a flannel cage, it will be good as an addition to a top or shirt. In general, coloring and fabric are a matter of taste.

Sweatshirts, hoodies

Practical and comfortable sweaters for every day are today in the wardrobe of many modern women. Models for men are attractive in that they are more spacious and do not constrain movements.

TIP! If you choose the extended version, it can be worn as a casual dress or tunic.


If you are tired of endless seals, hearts and playful inscriptions embroidered with rhinestones, welcome to the world of men's fashion. Here you will not find the obsessive cuteness and uncomfortable tight styles. Only a classic cut, comfortable length and simple, body-friendly fabrics .


Knitted men's sweater will become an option for fashionable women in oversize style. This wardrobe item can be combined with an office dress code. A cozy cardigan will also be convenient for walking in the park or in the country.


Some stylists advise ladies to choose jeans in the men's department. But we will refrain from such recommendations, believing that female models will be more appropriate. But denim jackets still should not be avoided . Among male models, you may well be able to choose an option that emphasizes your elegance.

How to choose men's clothing for women

Elegant ladies in men's clothing invariably attract attention. The main thing that sets them apart from the crowd is freedom from conventions. Such ladies are not afraid to be themselves and strive for comfort in everything.

  • Oversize things are worth taking their size: for men's things, it will be a little larger.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the sleeves. If they are long, but you can’t roll them up, look for another option.
  • Forget about tight models that fit your waist or chest. Light negligence in the image will emphasize femininity no worse than a tight-fitting dress.

Everyday style consists of simple things that are easier to find in the men's department than it sometimes seems. Be beautiful and don't be afraid to experiment!