What fabric to sew a blizzard suit

By the approaching New Year, more and more people are thinking about costumes for themselves or their children. A great option for the holiday will be a blizzard costume, which is suitable for both an adult and a child. In addition, it is easy to craft it yourself, so as not to splurge on expensive outfits from stores.

But what is needed for sewing? Which fabric is best? What difficulties may arise during the process? You will learn about all this in this article.

Ideas for tailoring a blizzard costume

The main rule to be followed is a certain color scheme. The blizzard should definitely be dressed in something white, perhaps interspersed with silver or pale blue.

You can take any ready-made clothes of the specified colors as the basis of the costume, and create the corresponding image using a chic robe that you can sew with your own hands. Also complement the outfit with tinsel and other decorations that can be found at home. Surely for the New Year you will get your favorite decorations for an apartment or for a Christmas tree and there will be something useful for the costume.

A great addition will be the fur edge at the edges of the mantle or other clothes. To sew it, you do not need special skills, even a novice craftswoman will cope with such a task.

You can either put a crown on your head or sew a hood on a cape. Also decorate it with tinsel, small rhinestones or carved snowflakes.

Important! Observe the lightness and tenderness in the whole image, paying tribute to this snowstorm. Do not select heavy attributes.

What fabric is suitable for the mantle of a blizzard

If you have already decided that you will sew the costume yourself, a question may arise about the fabric. Which is better to choose?

Costume Fabric for Adult

Almost any light material is suitable for an adult. The first thing that comes to mind is organza - this material is most often used for sewing various costumes.

In addition, you can use silk, chiffon, satin, satin. All these fabrics are airy and beautiful, which will make the image more like a real blizzard. It is best to give preference to shiny fabrics that resemble the sparkle of snow on a cold winter day.

Focus on the fact that it will be easier for you to sew. If there is a lot of experience in sewing, then it is better to give preference to more obedient options.

What fabric is better to choose for a children's suit

The choice of fabric for children should be even more thoughtful. But there are no fundamental differences - you can choose everything from the same light tissues.

IMPORTANT! If you take synthetic fabric, do not forget about the lining. The child should be as comfortable as possible in the suit so that he can actively move throughout the holiday and enjoy any entertainment.

You can also take any girl’s dress and decorate it to your liking. Do not forget about shoes - sandals or shoes should also match the chosen image.

Now you know what a blizzard suit can be made of and what it can consist of. At the New Year's holiday, such an outfit will undoubtedly attract attention with its originality and beauty!