What fabric is better for bedding

Manufacturers offer sets of bedding made from a variety of natural and artificial fabrics. To choose a kit suitable for yourself, we will learn about the most popular materials and their properties.

Classic materials


Silky cotton material is satin. It is durable, beautiful, soft, with a shiny tint. Satin is one of the leaders among cotton fabrics, its cost is higher than other materials. But the quality of satin distinguishes it from other sets.

More than one year, the satin set will be durable, beautiful, the brightness of its colors and silkiness will not disappear.


Silk magically transforms reality. Linen made of natural silk is durable, keeps its shape well. Elegant sets are pleasing to the eye and have a beneficial effect on health.

Natural silk fibers help with rheumatism and skin diseases, do not lead to allergies and fully justify their considerable price.


Cotton in the bedroom - loyalty to habits and traditions. A variety of colors, ease of care, sufficient strength distinguish this fabric.

Cotton has the ability to completely absorb moisture. In winter it creates a feeling of warmth, in summer it allows you to feel cool. An additional advantage of cotton is affordability.

Important! It is a set of cotton, made in a artisanal way, without observing the standards and requirements that are persistently offered at low prices. However, low prices are an indicator of poor quality. Signs of a fake are sloppy seams, the use of stitched cuts, and carelessly designed packaging.


Batiste is a fine fabric made of 100% cotton. Batista bedding is beautiful, light and elegant. But the special subtlety and delicacy of the material is not designed for continuous use.

It is well suited for special occasions, but daily use, systematic washing will lead to quick wear.


Coarse calico - a material from natural cotton. Like other cotton fabrics, coarse calico is distinguished by hypoallergenic properties, ease of care, and creates a feeling of comfort.

In the manufacture of calico, thin threads twist very tightly and tightly. Therefore, the fabric becomes strong, and things from it last a long time, even with everyday use. Another advantage of calico sets is their cost-effectiveness.


Jacquard bedding will create an atmosphere of luxury in an ordinary bedroom. Beautiful things with an exquisite embossed pattern will not only decorate the bed.

A complex method of weaving threads does not cause inconvenience when in contact with the skin. On the contrary, the jacquard is very gentle and pleasant for the body, regulates the temperature well, dries quickly.

However, delicate material requires special care. Jacquard will retain its luxurious appearance only with delicate washing in water not hot + 30 °. They dry it so that direct rays of the sun do not fall on things, but they are stroked only from the wrong side.


In the manufacture of crepe, natural silk is used. Special crepe weaving provides fabric strength and elasticity. Crepe is characterized by special softness and brilliant tint.

Using crepe for bedding is very practical. Beautiful and comfortable sets practically do not crumple, do without ironing.

Flax fiber

Linen in the bedroom today is relevant as well as in past centuries. A lot is known about the benefits of flax. Its natural fibers are environmentally friendly. They do not cause allergies, prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms.

Linen sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are very smooth, therefore they are less polluted than others, they are easily washed and dry quickly.

Important! Flax is very wrinkled. To smooth it, you need to make additional efforts. Therefore, you should not completely dry out a set of flax. Wet linen is easier to iron.


Long-staple cotton of extra strength conveyed this quality of fabric - percale. It is believed that percale is the most durable material for bedding, and sets made of it are very durable. They do not wear out with constant use for 10-15 years.

Percale gives minimal shrinkage during washing, passes air well, absorbs moisture. Smooth, velvety surfaces are pleasant to the touch. Kits retain their good shape and quality for many years; no spools appear on their surface.


Since the 18th century, poplin has been used for bedding in Russia - “European calico”. Poplin retained all the positive properties of cotton fabrics (environmental friendliness, hypoallergenicity, hygroscopicity). A special type of weaving yarn gave it a special softness, smoothness, shine.

Poplin is an inexpensive and high-quality material, so fans of poplin sets are not getting smaller.


The most economical underwear is chintz. Lightweight, hygienic, smart chintz will decorate the bed and give pleasure when using. But not for long. The chintz does not differ in wear resistance, changes color and shrinks during washing. The faded kit will still be comfortable for sleeping, but it will not preserve its original appearance, and from a large number of washings it will begin to tear.


Warm, soft and comfortable fabric from childhood is a flannel. In bed with the onset of cold weather, it is ideal not only for children, but also for adults. The disadvantage of flannel linen is the spools, which are formed from a soft gun on the surface of the fabric during use.

Modern fabrics

Bamboo fiber

One of the most popular materials recently is bamboo fiber. It is considered the most suitable for contact with the human body. Bamboo underwear “breathes”, like the skin of a person covered by it, and the sleeping person does not sweat. Thanks to natural bamboo fibers, the product has an antibacterial property. Another advantage is that bamboo fiber does not absorb and does not retain odors. Tender and soft underwear like customers. It’s easy to care for him. It does not slip, it is pleasant to the touch, for a long time it remains beautiful, comfortable and useful.


Mahra is a relatively new invention. The high loops left when weaving the threads make the terry cloth both strong and fluffy. The peculiarity of weaving gives the material hygroscopicity, it absorbs moisture well. True, because of this, the terry cloth dries longer. Loops of fiber have a massaging effect on the skin. Hypoallergenic terry is comfortable to use at any time of the year.


Experts consider tensel to be one of the most popular, but rather expensive materials. This is a special natural material, the composition of which is 100% composed of eucalyptus. The fibers of this durable wood are specially treated and as a result become heavy-duty fabric.

Tencel gives bed linen important qualities: hygroscopicity, hypoallergenicity, antibacteriality. Such linen dries quickly, keeps shape well after washing even without ironing.

Important! When buying a kit from Tensel, you need to carefully study the care recommendations. Some kits are advised to dry clean.


The basis for the production of viscose is natural cellulose. The material from it is particularly soft, delicate and durable.

Rayon is much lighter than cotton. It does not accumulate static electricity, and moisture is well absorbed. Disadvantages of viscose are wear and tear from exposure to water and sunlight. Viscose is deformed and shrinks from washing.


Invented in Japan more than 40 years ago, polymer fiber is successfully used in the manufacture of microfiber. Beautiful microfiber bedding has an affordable price, low maintenance.

Sets of different colors and shades retain their shape and color, practically do not wrinkle and do not require ironing. The use of hygroscopic microfiber becomes an obstacle to the development of fungal diseases.


By combining cotton and polyester, manufacturers received a mixed fabric - polycotton. Cost-effective, vibrant, durable polycotton kits found their customers. This fabric does not sit during washing; it is pleasant to the touch.

Important! When buying a polycotton, be careful about the ratio of cotton to polyester. At a high percentage of polyester (from 50 to 85%), static electricity accumulates in the tissues, they absorb moisture worse, decolorize faster when using synthetic detergents, and spools form on their surface.


Natural cotton, used in the production of a relatively new fabric - ranfors, makes the product close to traditional calico. The difference is the use of thinner but more durable cotton threads, as well as an increase in the number of weaves per square meter of fabric.

Ranfors bedding set can be used in the nursery. The linen is environmentally friendly, hygroscopic, anti-allergenic. Ranfors underwear is quite expensive, but it is strong and durable, it serves for a long time and does not require new expenses for the purchase of a new set.

Important! Be sure to specify the composition of the laundry: some manufacturers began to add up to 20% synthetics to ranfors. Runforce linen with additives should be cheaper.

Basic selection options

With such a variety of tissues, how to choose "your" without error? We will indicate the main characteristics of the material, which must be taken into account necessarily.


We carefully study the components of the material in order to understand how many natural and synthetic fibers are in it. The higher the percentage of natural fiber (cotton, linen, silk), the higher the value of the material. Optimal is the use of completely natural fabrics.


The quality of bedding depends on the strength and durability of fabrics. You must also pay attention to the coloring and processing of materials.


The density indicator is the number of threads involved in weaving fabric 1 cm in size. Many manufacturers indicate the density on the package. There are several levels of density:

  • Low: cambric, cotton, etc.
  • Medium: linen, artificial fabrics.
  • High: satin, silk, etc.


When determining the price, the following shall be taken into account:

  • material composition: natural fabrics are more expensive than synthetics;
  • painting method: drawings made using a variety of paints, which are applied separately, make the product more expensive;
  • quality dyes;
  • the size and equipment of the kit.


The main purpose of bedding is to create comfortable conditions for sleeping. Such underwear should be environmentally friendly and safe, not causing allergies in contact with the body. Prerequisites - the ability to absorb moisture, let air through, allowing the skin to "breathe." Such linen does not slip, does not electrify, does not cause any unpleasant sensations to the touch.


No less important is the care that bedding requires. Mistresses prefer well-laundering, quick-drying, not requiring much effort when ironing fabrics. Manufacturers achieve this by adding a small amount of synthetic materials to natural fibers.

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How to choose the best fabric for bedding

Bed linen performs not only decorative functions. Therefore, before you purchase your favorite fabric or bedding set, pay attention not only to its pattern. It’s useful to follow a few more steps.

  • Look at the fabric "into the light." Preference should be given to a product that does not shine through, and its structure does not give the impression of "loose".
  • Study the density of the material. Density data are indicated on the packages.
  • Pay attention to the smell. We put off material with a strong chemical smell of dyes! Poor dye can cause allergies.
  • Learn color fastness. Rub the fabric thoroughly and see if there are any traces of paint on your hands.

When choosing a ready-made kit, be careful also about the packaging, seams, sizes of items that are included in the kit.

Expert Opinion

Experts advise you to purchase bedding, given where and for whom it will be used.

“For a summer cottage it’s more practical to choose sets that are beautiful and comfortable, easy to care for and inexpensive. For example, sets of calico or poplin.

Poplin or satin underwear is optimal for everyday use.

Satin or silk underwear will be a gift for the newlyweds. And the jacquard set will please parents.

Universal and eco-friendly underwear for everyone - bamboo and linen. ”

Manufacturers tried to introduce a wide range of bedding.

Providing yourself and your loved ones with sweet dreams is easy. After all, now you know what bedding you need!

Pleasant dreams!