What is eco leather for bags?

Now the market offers a wide selection of eco-leather bags. Products from natural materials not everyone can afford. But a quality eco-leather accessory will be a worthy alternative.

What kind of eco-leather material?

Ecoskin is a quality substitute for genuine leather. The properties of the artificial analog are close to the real material . The base of the product may be cotton or polyester. There are also mixed options. A polyurethane film covers the product. It has pores, which ensures air permeability.

Modern technologies do not stand still, so new developments have undeniable advantages. So eco-leather is considered much better than leatherette, and in some respects surpasses natural prototypes.

Important! In the manufacture of eco-leather, advanced technologies, the latest knowledge in the chemical industry, and high-quality modern equipment are used.


Faux leather has a soft texture. It is quite elastic. It consists of a base, which is represented by cotton, polyester film or a combination of these materials. A polyurethane film is applied on top of the skin substitute.

Ecoskin has good hygienic properties. This is due to production technology. The film coating forms pores, so that the material passes air. The base can be treated with a dusting of leather dust. Often, the composition includes crushed waste leather.

A polyurethane film occupies no more than 20% of the total composition . Other leatherette varieties have a top coating of polyvinyl chloride. The solid composition is softened with plasticizers. These additives gradually begin to evaporate during the operation of products made of artificial materials. As a result, the coating becomes hard, begins to crack.

Important! Polyurethane itself is a fairly flexible material, so it does not require any additives. Items made of eco-leather will last a long time without losing their properties.

Advantages and disadvantages

Faux leather is in the middle between genuine leather and its substitutes . As a result, the environmental analog borrowed the pros and cons of both materials.

Benefits of eco-leather:

  • safety for the ecological environment and people, does not cause allergic reactions, due to the lack of plasticizers in the composition;
  • does not deteriorate during operation ( no cracks, abrasions or other deformations appear );
  • pleasant to the touch, thermal conductivity is close to wood;
  • hygiene, the material passes air and steam;
  • resistance to subzero temperatures (can withstand up to -30 degrees);
  • does not fade in the sun;
  • has a pleasant texture that resembles genuine leather;
  • a large selection of colors, products of different colors are presented;
  • easy care, which does not require much time and costly funds.

The disadvantages of eco-leather include the inability to carry out repairs. If you accidentally cut the material, then the fabric base will immediately become visible. It can not be hidden by grinding, glue or impregnation.

How is ecoskin different from skin?

There are several ways to distinguish eco-leather from skin. So artificial material is odorless, unlike natural. In addition, real skin is tactilely denser and thicker, and also has a rough edge . The edge of the artificial product is smooth, smooth to the touch. You can perform tensile testing of materials.

Bend Test Results:

  • genuine skin after manipulations that change shape, quickly returns to its original position;
  • ecoskin slowly resumes its form;
  • natural material does not change color when pressed;
  • ecological substitute in the place of stretching for several tones changes color.

The pores of real skin have a chaotic arrangement. In eco-leather, they are arranged in the exact order, all cells have one shape. The skin does not burn, and the replacement immediately begins to melt. But this is an extreme way to check the naturalness of the product. In addition, some manufacturers process real materials with special impregnation, which can ignite.

When is it more expedient to choose a bag from ecoskin?

Eco-leather bags have undeniable advantages. They are resistant to ultraviolet and frost, so accessories can be worn at any time of the year . For the production of bags do not kill animals, which is often a decisive factor when buying such a product. Many well-known designers because of this abandoned genuine leather and use only its substitutes.

Caring for your eco-leather bag is as simple as possible. Simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Then you need to wipe the product with a dry towel.

In winter, you do not need to be afraid that the bag will crack due to frost. The material tolerates subzero temperatures well . Such a bag can last a long time. During operation, scuffs, cracks and other deformations do not appear. Faux leather does not get wet, so there is no need to fear that the contents of the bag will get wet in the rain.

How is it trimmed?

Faux leather consists of two layers. The top coating can be painted in different colors and stylized under the skin. As processing can use embossing. The prints resemble snake skin, crocodile and other varieties. To obtain a smooth surface or unusual patterns use laser processing.