What dress is less hot in summer

Did you know that with the right combination of colors, fabrics and styles you can create the perfect version of a summer outfit? Today we will talk about what kind of dress would be the perfect option for summer days.

Suitable materials and styles for summer dress

Among the preferred options:

  • Black This is the classic version that was introduced by Coco Chanel, and remains popular to this day. It remains relevant regardless of fashion. Over time, in a small short dress, new decor elements, lace inserts, ruffles, collars appear. It is very easy to choose suitable accessories for such a dress. But will black be suitable for a hot summer? We will talk about this a little later;
  • Red. For red, you need at least two things - self-confidence and a reason for which such an outfit would be appropriate. A red summer dress will definitely attract attention to its owner;
  • Long. A long dress allows the girl to feel somewhat more confident. It is appropriate for girls of any age and height, the most important thing is to choose the style that suits you;
  • Dress shirt. This is a new type of outfit that came to the women's wardrobe from the men's. The collar, buttons, neckline look rather concise and at the same time very feminine;
  • White from lace. White color alone makes the girl expressive and feminine. Recently at the peak of popularity lace dresses. White looks good both with a small openwork sleeve, and on shoulder straps or with a neckline decorated with lace. This outfit will be a great option for hot days. Today, dresses with lace top or lace skirt are relevant.

Important! When choosing a fabric, it is better to give preference to natural materials. For example: silk, cotton or crepe de chine. These fabrics have a "breathing effect" and also look quite easy and elegant.

What color to choose a summer dress so that it is not hot

It’s hard to say unequivocally that in a dress of what color it will not be so hot, but let's try to figure it out a bit. As the laws of physics say - in clothes of lighter colors it is better to tolerate the heat. Black clothing heats up much faster, which is not the case with whites. But this does not mean that it is urgent to change your entire summer wardrobe to white outfits. It’s quite suitable - beige, light blue, pastel shades. In addition, after sunset, the street becomes much cooler, and you can wear something darker.

What dress is less hot in summer

How to dress in the summer to feel a little easier? Definitely, we can say that in a white dress it will be much easier, because white color reflects the rays of the sun, and black absorbs. Try to buy more loose outfits so that air can circulate.

As we said earlier - give preference to natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk. Multilayer outfits are not the best option for the heat, so vests and jackets are best left until the evening.

In the heat, it is better to avoid massive bags, because it will make it even hotter, even if they are made of genuine leather.